Fearless Business Boss Brand Photos

Do You Need A Professional Brand Photoshoot

Have you done a professional photoshoot for your business? Perhaps you have done headshot photos, but have you done a full brand photoshoot? What is …

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Processes & Systems with a team

Would Your Business Survive Without You?

I’m in the middle of creating a course for an online freelance group about Processes & Systems. If you have followed me or know me …

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follow-up secret to success

One Little Secret To Success

A Sweet Secret That Many Don’t Take Advantage Of, Do You? Today I was reminded of something I learned long ago that can really be …

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calm the overwhelm

The Most Common Question I Hear

As A Business Coach “I’m Overwhelmed, Where (or how) Do I Begin?,” is what I most commonly hear when as a business coach when clients …

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Client care

What Is Client Care & How To Manage It

What is Client Care, especially in relation to Service Provider Freelancers? Let me start with the basics and go from there. On a very basic …

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Set Goals for 2022 Planner

Plan Goals for the New Year

As we draw toward the end of each year we are forced to consider what the next year will bring. We want to plan for …

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7 Productivity Tips for 2022

7 Productivity Tips for 2022

What is your #1 productivity tips? A big part of managing our business involves productivity. If we want a sustainable, scalable, business we have to …

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You could be losing clients

You May Be Losing Clients If You Are Not Using This…

Are you using any calendar scheduler apps to help prospective clients and current clients book appointments with you? Calendar Apps and Software are very useful …

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Freelancers Process & Workflow Symposium

Freelancer’s Process & Workflow Symposium

I am excited to participate in this upcoming symposium. A new type of virtual meeting that will last 5 days with over 20 speakers. The …

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scale & grow your business

5 Reasons Freelancers Need A Business Coach

In 2008 I started my business quite by accident. I began helping an insurance agent with lead generation. It turned out I was pretty good …

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