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connect with your audience

7 Ways to Connect with Your Audience

Do you feel invisible as an online service business owner? As an online service entrepreneur, you are always trying to connect and appeal to your ...
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Connect with your audience

How To Connect With Your Audience

We are all trying to connect better with our audience. Once you learn who your ideal client prospect the next thing to consider is where ...
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create your lead magnet

How to Create Your Lead Magnet

In a service business, we know that a key element in attracting prospective clients to our website is a good free offer, also called a ...
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what is a lead magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet & Why Do I Need It

After creating your website your free offer also called a lead magnet is one of the most important pieces of content you will create. I ...
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7 Steps to Reach Your Prospective Clients

7 Steps To Reach Prospective Clients

Today it is all about reaching your ideal audience, also known as your prospective client. I’ve discussed both market and competitive research. Now, I want ...
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define your ideal audience

Define Your Ideal Audience Online

This month we have been discussing your audience. Last week I wrote about market research as I felt that online service providers struggle in this ...
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market research to define your audience

Define Your Audience Through Market Research

I’ve discussed competitive research with you but we have not really discussed much about market research previously. So, I would like us to take a ...
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Producing unique content consistently BUSINESS COACHING

Produce Unique Content Consistently

We all know content is king. Yet why do we struggle to produce it? This article will help you as you set out to produce ...
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How I built a digital marketing agency

How I Built My Digital Marketing Agency

I have been in the online business world for over 15 years. When I began I did not know anything so I certainly didn’t think ...
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create videos for your marketing - article by Tammy Durden

Creating Videos for Your Marketing

I think by now you recognize how important marketing is for your business growth. Marketing is essential. It is also important to market your business ...
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