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Are You Ready To Earn More Working Less?

I have been where you are!  I have been in the online space for nearly 16 years and I can help you navigate it. Take the anxiety out of scaling your business! As a Business Coach for Women Online Service Providers of All Kinds, Tammy helps you step by step to move your business forward.  This includes the addition of a virtual team one member at a time.

If you know scaling will involve adding a virtual team then don’t waste any more time, book your FREE mini-session with me today. You will be surprised how much we can accomplish in 20 minutes.

Whether or not you decide I’m the right coach for you – I’ll still give some important tips to help you to move forward.

Are You Ready To Scale By Adding A Virtual Team?

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Is A 16 Year Veteran In Creating & Growing Online Service Businesses

Tammy Encourages You And Helps You Scale Your Business

Are You…

  • Too Busy To Handle More Clients
  • Maxed Out On Client Hours
  • Missing Deadlines (but don’t want to face it)
  • Feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed
  • Trying to Figure Out How To Make MORE With LESS Of You
  • Want To Learn How To Work ON Your Business Not Just IN It

Let me help you by walking you step by step through bringing on your first virtual team member. I’ll take through the preparation of working with a team, knowing where to find good and loyal team members, managing a team, and more.

If you already have a team and are struggling let me help you learn to manage the team and your time to maximize your output and get more time with your family.

See My Package Below For Scaling Your Business By Adding A Team

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Multiply Your Revenue By Scaling Your Business Program

  • Guidance and Help Through Growing and Scaling Your Business
  • Move Your Business Forward and Get Unstuck 
  • Proven Steps to Help You Develop Your Digital Marketing Further As You Grow
  • Meet 1 on 1 with Tammy
  • Each Session is 55 Minutes
  • 2 In-Depth Sessions Per Month
    • Review Actions Taken So Far
  • Review Your Goals For The Coming Months
  • Receive Action Steps to Propel Your Business Forward (during and/or after your session)
  • Receive Session Recordings (if requested at beginning of Session)
  • Identify Your Immediate Goals
    • Identify the Tasks That Can Help You Accomplish Your Goal(s)
    • Set Up Step-by-Step Actions To Take So You Can Achieve Your Goal(s)
  • Set Long Term Goals
    • Identify Steps To Achieve These
  • Goal In Taking Your Business to the Next Level
    • Why
    • How
  • Achieve Your Goals with 1-on-1 Accountability
  • Discuss Your Current Niche Area
  • Discuss the Niche Industry You Serve
  • Complete Your Storyboard (if need) and Discover Your Ideal Client’s Needs In Their Words!
  • Walk Through Your Definition of Your Ideal Client (Storyboard Support)
  • Review and Discuss Your Storyboard 
  • Finalize Your Ideal Audience
  • Discuss Your Market Research
  • Messaging to Reach Your Ideal Audience
  • Locating Your Ideal Client Online

Are you ready to SCALE by adding a virtual team to your business?  


  • What You Will Outsource To A Team
  • The Difference Between Subcontractors And Team Members
  • Where Do You Find Good Team Members (or Freelancers)?
  • How Much Do You Pay Your Team?
  • Onboarding New Team Members
    • Welcome Email
    • Contract
    • Tax Documents
    • Invitation to Professional Email
    • Invitation to Project Management Systems
  • Discern What To Delegate
    • Client Tasks
    • Your Tasks
  • And More
  • We Will Review and Evaluate Your Client Service Offerings
    • Discuss Each Type of Service
    • Discuss How You Provide These Services (who, what platforms used, etc.)
    • You Will Establish (if you have not already) Client Processes 
    • Discuss Any Recommendations
  • Review Your Client Packages
    • Hourly or Package Rates
    • One-Off Projects
    • Retainer Clients
  • Discusses Recommendations (if needed)
  • Setup And/Or Review Your Budget For Your Business
  • What Is Your Current Revenue?
  • What Are Your Current Expenses?
  • What Are Your Budget Goals?
  • Are You Submitting Quarterly Taxes?
  • What Business Processes And Systems Do You Have In Place?
  • Discuss Documenting Your Processes (as you grow)
  • Important To Document Procedures
    • Manual of Operations
    • Client Contracts
    • Client Intake Forms
  • Systems & Tools You Utilize Including:
      • CRMS 
      • Email Marketing 
      • Project Management Systems
      • Invoicing Systems
  • And More
  • Best Practices as You Scale Your Business
  • Guidance To Find The Right Help As You Grow
  • Scaling Past Your To-Do List
  • And Much More
  • Staying Motivated
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Discuss Ways to Continue to Grow Your Business
  • Networking In-Person and Online
  • Scaling Into the Future
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Tons of Documents To Help You Grow
    • Tools
    • Templates
    • Worksheets
    • And Other Resources
  • Responsive Email Support
  • During Your 3 to 6 Month Program You Will Have Direct Email Support via Regular Email or Your Client Portal
  • You Receive One Month FREE In Tammy’s Weekly Fearless Mastermind Group Coaching Program

Programs Starting At $495/Month*

(*6 Month Minimum Partnering Together| Discount if Paid in Full)

*Discounted if Paid In Full Only $2,795 for 6 Month Coaching

Others Agree:

Scale Your Business Checklist by Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss coaching company

While you are here be sure to pick up your free checklist to help begin to build your online service agency. 

No Matter the Type of Business

"Tammy is like one of the founding God Mothers in the Virtual Assistance space today"

Growing Your Online Service Business Doesn't Need To Be Scary


Tammy Is Your Coach

Still The Boss in Your Business with Tammy - Business & Marketing Coach

Take the anxiety out growing your online service business

I have been where you are and I know how to help you

I have nearly 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur. When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I started as a Virtual Assistant who built a Multi-VA Agency, then transitioned into a small Digital Marketing Agency.

So, I know how to start, grow, and scale a business because I have been there! 

Wondering What To Do Next?

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Invest In Yourself And The Future Of Your Business

"I started working with a coach (Tammy) and it was the best investment of my time and money... I have to say, I have been kicking some butt. Thanks Tammy" - Rebecca



“A business coach is a professional mentor who supports, educates and motivates business owners. They provide recommendations for a company’s vision, growth and goals. Effective business coaches provide motivation but also implement and prioritize strategies to help businesses grow.” – According to Indeed Career Guide 

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American Association of Christian Counselors

Tammy is also a Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

And she will soon receive her Mental Health Coach Certification.

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Voted Best of Virginia for Consulting (coaching) 2 Years in a Row!

Have No Doubt – Tammy Can Help You Create, Grow, & Scale with a Team.

Let Tammy Help because virtual hand-holding is also included!

Named 2023 Best Business Consulting (Coaching)

Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss receives the 2023 Winner of Local Excellence in Richmond, Virginia

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Named 2022 Best Business Consulting (Coaching)

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Best Business Coach in Washington DC 2023 - Business Consultant

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Tammy S. Durden - Business Coach - Fearless Business Boss


      • You Want to Create a Business that Fits Your Lifestyle
      • You Are Ready to Start Your Online Service Business
      • You Are Ready to SCALE Your Business Through Outsourcing
      • You Do Not Want To Flatline (or want to move out of that space)
      • You Want to Build An Online Agency
      • You Are Ready to Add a Team
      • You Need Subcontractors to Help with Your Clients
      • You Have Too Many Clients & Need Help
      • You Cannot Accept Any New Clients (you do not have the bandwidth)
      • You Are Ready To Grow Through Proven Strategies
      • You Want To Grow By Attracting More Clients
      • You Want To Grow By Attracting Higher Paying Clients
      • You Want To Grow By Changing Your Strategy
      • You Want To Grow By Transitioning Your Business
      • You Need/Want Help With Your Mindset (Did you know Tammy has over 25 years of Ministry Counseling Experience?)
      • You Are Ready To Grow By Changing Your Pricing Strategy
      • You Need/Want Accountability to Meet Your Goals to Grow

Not Just Any Coach - But One Who Has Been Where You Are You Now

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