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Client Care: Learning How To Vet Your Clients

Client Care: Vetting Your Clients

In the early years of my business journey, I didn’t know I should consider my ideal audience (or buyer persona). I only knew that I ...
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How to become a full-time freelancer

How To Become A Full-Time Freelancer (Part 2 of 2)

If you are ready to become a full-time freelancer you will enjoy this article. It delves into pricing strategy and agency ownership. Are you ready ...
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Why Join Mastermind Group Coaching

Why You Should Attend Mastermind Group Coaching

I love it when like-minded women come together. It’s always a great way to learn, gain wisdom, offer help, and form lasting bonds. As you ...
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lessons learned as a mompreneur

Lessons I Learned As A Mompreneur

As a young Mompreneur when I began 16 years ago I wished I had known the lessons I will share with you today. Often the ...
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Snapshot of a Freelancer's Daily Life

Snapshot of a Freelancer’s Daily Life

I was asked recently about what my daily life was like as a freelancer. So, I wanted to share what my daily life looked like. ...
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How to sell your freelance services

Freelancer’s Guide to Sales by Not Selling

We all dislike having to sell to others. That’s why I’d like to talk to you about having a Freelancer’s guide to sales by not ...
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building trust with your audience

7 Ways To Build Trust With Your Audience

One of the best ways to move a person in your funnel from prospective client to client is to build trust with your audience. As ...
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overnight success

Overnight Success?

Did you start your business thinking it would take off and you’d be a superstar in business overnight? I didn’t think it would be overnight ...
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attracting clients in a difficult economy

Attracting Clients During A Difficult Economy

Attracting clients is difficult enough but made more difficult in today’s global economic downturn. The usual ways of doing this either need to be ramped ...
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Mastering the top 5 struggles of an online business

Mastering the Top 5 Struggles in Your Online Business

Every business struggles from time to time, however, for those of us in the online service industry there are at least five issues that come ...
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