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Hello – I am Tammy S. Durden.

Thank You for stopping by to learn more about me and how I can help you.

May I share a little about myself and my own business journey with you?

Coaching Business Owners to Grow

I'm A Serial Entrepreneur

My Businesses Have Included:

  • Boutique Digital Marketing Agency
  • A Multi-VA Company
  • Experience Helping Others Scale their Business
  • Educating Businesses Owners in Building Their Team
  • Helping Freelancers Establish Their Business
  • Empowering Women in Business to Have Confidence, Courage, & Conviction

I’m so glad you have an interest in Entrepreneurship. 

Whether you are:

  • A Startup
  • Ready to Scale Your Business
  • In Need of Marketing Direction
  • A Christian Desiring a Spiritual Perspective
  • In Need of a Brainstorming Session

I have been where you are right now.

I am a  serial entrepreneur and I have started and scaled a few businesses.  So I truly know where you are and I want to help you start, scale, &/or market your dream business! 

There are always challenges yet there are also many wonderful surprises & benefits of owning your own business.  Let me help you and empower you in your next steps!

You will not want to go back.

Why Me - Because I've Been Where You Are...

I have been a business owner for over 13 years.  I began my  business journey with a Lead Generation & Virtual Assistant company.  This company transitioned into a Multi-VA Company with a Team helping clients with social media, administrative work, and more.  Over the last several years, hearing our clients’ needs, we became a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency.  I exited my digital marketing agency in Dec. 2020. 

During this same time, I partnered with some colleagues and formed another company to help educate business owners starting a team or who wanted build a Multi-VA Agency. We provide courses and consulting to help businesses scale their company.

While my initial company made its journey, I began having demand for consulting, coaching, and mentoring services. Therefor, in 2017, I opened up Fearless Boss Babes to provide business coaching services.  

Yes, I have a vast array of experiences and all of this helps me to empower you to start and grow your business.  I truly believe you can create and grow the business of you are dreaming of right now. I genuinely desire to help you move forward in your business success journey.

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Tammy Has been Seen In...

Tammy's Agency Named in the 20 Tops Digital Marketing Agency in Richmond 2311

The company I excited in Dec. 2020, a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency (Tammy’s Office Solutions) was named in the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Richmond by Expertise.

Tammy has also been featured on SCORE Webinars teaching others about Outsourcing & Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant and Veteran to Entrepreneurship 


Tammy has also been featured on UpCity as a Contributor.

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  1. To provide professional honest growth strategy services at a fair rate.
  2. I am also ‘on mission’ to empower and help other disABLED Professionals with their businesses.  

Fearless Business Boss Core Values

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My Personal Entrepreneurial Journey

When Life Changes...

When faced with life’s challenges you can either become angry and bitter or you can CHOOSE to keep going and create something different & wonderful.

After becoming very ill in 2001 with multiple symptoms, hospitalizations, testing, & many, many doctors I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  In that Moment (& many others since) I had to CHOOSE my response to this disease and my family’s ‘New Normal’ (as we called it). I decided nearly 20 years ago that I would CHOOSE to keep moving forward and create the life I was able to create while I was able to do so!. 

By the time I was diagnosed with Lupus also it had become very apparent I could no longer work outside of my home.

That is when I began to see the mission God had invited me to be a part of and continues today.

To empower & help other business owners in their journey and to bring Awareness about those who are Disabled & especially in regard to unemployment.


#1 – The Unemployment Rate in our Country (U.S.) for disabled professionals is significantly higher than the average population?

#2 The Blind or Visibly Impaired has an unemployment rate over 90%!

Tammy - disable business woman - tammysoffices

"That is Unacceptable I Cried!"

That is when I knew I needed to do business much differently.

Ready to Chat?


I have become a serial entrepreneur and love to share all I have learned on my business journeys with you. 

I have experience in starting, scaling, and running businesses.  Before my own businesses, I also received experience in the corporate & small business world and was an Assistant Bookkeeper, an Assistant Manager in a large retail chain, an Administrative Assistant, and have experience in family run businesses (as her parents were also serial entrepreneurs). 

I have also served in Leadership roles both in business organizations & ministry. 

I love Teaching, Counseling (Women, Families & Teens), and Mentoring, Consulting & Coaching Business Owners who are in various stages in their business journeys.

In my rare free time I love spending time with my husband, Eric, my adult children & their spouses, and especially with  our grandchildren!  I also enjoys studying God’s word, scrapbooking my family photos, and graphic design.

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Tammy participates in the Military ementor program helping those in the service who may be transitioning out or starting their own business.


Tammy's Agency Named in the 20 Tops Digital Marketing Agency in Richmond 2311
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