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My Business Story by Tammy Durden

Coaching With Me - Why?

First, let me start by telling you how I came to be here.  I learned the hard way, when you are faced with life’s challenges, you can either become angry and bitter or you can CHOOSE acceptance and forgiveness so you can keep moving forward and create something different & wonderful.  I chose the latter.  

I decided that I would be resilient and persevere.  I decided that I would choose a positive attitude. And I ended up creating some wonderful businesses that also helped to empower other disabled professionals to work from home. 

I’m often told I am ‘persistent’ – I take it as a high compliment.  I’ve also been told that I speak the truth in a way that can be received well.

I decided that my disABILITY did not mean the end of My Story!

"We are all disabled - Some disabilities are more visible than others."

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Coaching = Empowering YOU!

Still The Boss in Your Business with Tammy - Business & Marketing Coach

For me, Coaching is about empowering you to learn how to grow your business

Ultimately it is about your learning the best steps and ways to move your business forward

 Over 15 Years of Experience

Tammy Durden Business Coach

What are you waiting for?

Proven Step-by-Step Methods

Tammy Has Been Where You Are...

What Can You Expect From Coaching?

  • Honest, Expert Advice
  • Review Where You Are Now
  • Custom Help, Not Cookie-Cutter 
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Ways to Increase Revenue
  • Help With Your Packages
  • Virtual Hand Holding (When Needed)
  • Marketing Strategies Laid Out Specifically for Your Niche to Help You Attract Clients Quicker
  • Learn How to Build a Virtual Team (if Scaling)
  • Best Ways to Find Subcontractors
  • Access to A Client Portal With Tons of Resources (contracts, subcontract agreements, revenue review, storyboards, content calendars, and so many more resources)
  • And So Much More

Named 2023 Best Business Consulting (coaching) in DC

Best Business Coach in Washington DC 2023 - Business Consultant

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Named 2023 Best Business Consulting (coaching) in NYC

Best Business Coach in New York City - Business Consultant 2023

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Named 2023 Best Services in Richmond, Virginia

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Named 2022 Best Services in the State of Virginia

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Creating Programs That Meet Your Needs

For the last few years, I’ve taken my own persistence, truth, and grit paired it with my years of experience to help empower others, just like you, to create…

    • The Business you have been dreaming of starting
    • Business Growth sometimes means getting down to analytics, active steps, and proven methods
    • The Agency you have wanted to build so you can scale your business

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My Business Experience...

Serial Entrepreneur History

Tammy S. Durden - Business & Marketing Coach - Founder of Fearless Business Boss

Now It's Your Turn To Choose, So Why Choose Tammy As Your Coach?

I have been a business owner for over 14 years. 

I started by providing lead generation and virtual assistant services and turned my company into a Multi-VA Company with a Team (empowering other disabled professionals to work from home). This eventually transitioned (after I took certification courses to learn digital marketing) into a boutique digital marketing agency.

My Businesses:

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • VA Agency
  • Small Digital Marketing Agency
  • Coaching Company

For years I have Mentored others starting their business. I began receiving more requests from Service-Based Businesses, VAs, and Freelancers. Therefore, while still running the agency, I began my next passion = my coaching company on the side. 

Industries I have provided mentoring & coaching services to are: 

    • Consultants
    • Course Creators
    • Digital Marketing Agencies
    • Online Service Providers
    • Online Tech Professionals
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Fitness & Weights Trainer
    • Nutrition Coach
    • And More

In 2020 I exited the agency to do my passion, coaching, full-time.  My true passion is helping coach others to fulfill their dreams in business. 

I truly believe you can create and grow the business you are dreaming of right now. I genuinely desire to help you move forward to create your business success story. 

NOW is the time to take ACTION - Please Do Not Wait!


Fearless Business Boss

About Fearless Business Boss


  1. To provide professional, honest startup & growth strategy coaching services at reasonable rates.
  2. I am also ‘on mission’ to empower and help other disABLED Professionals to start & grow their businesses and work from home.  
My Story - Tammy Durden - business coach

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I Love My Clients

I Truly BELIEVE In You!

I truly take an interest in you! 
You are not just another client to me.

I know you have probably looked a tens or hundreds, maybe even thousands of coaching websites already.  I’m not trying to convince you that I’m the best or the only one who can help you.  I will only say that I love what I do and I love helping clients like you.  When you sign up for my program you will no longer be alone. I share in your vision to create & grow that dream business.

Whether you are…

    • Just Starting Your Business
    • Ready to Grow Through Analysis & Revenue Options
    • Ready to Scale Your Business by Outsourcing
    • Want To Up Your Digital Marketing
    • Ready for a Deep Dive Into Your Marketing to Promote Your Business
    • Wanting a Christian Business Coach for the Business God Has Given You

If ANY of these apply to you – PLEASE set up a Mini-Session with me!


Tammy business and marketing coach

Let’s have a cup of tea or coffee together and get to know one another.  Let’s find out if we can partner together and move you and your business forward starting now!  Don’t wait any longer.

Why Me?

Because I've Been Where You Are...

~ Take A Deep Breath And Take The Next Step ~

Learn More About My Personal DisABILITY Journey

When Life Changes...

"Life Isn't Fair But God Is Faithful"

When faced with life’s challenges you can either become angry and bitter or you can CHOOSE to keep going and create something different & wonderful.

After becoming very ill in 2001 with multiple symptoms, hospitalizations, testing, & many, many doctors I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  In that Moment (& many others since) I had to CHOOSE my response to this disease and my family’s ‘New Normal’ (as we called it). I decided nearly 20 years ago that I would CHOOSE to keep moving forward and create the life I was able to create while I was able to do so!. 

By the time I was diagnosed with Lupus also it had become very apparent I could no longer work outside of my home.

That is when I began to see the mission God had invited me to be a part of and continues today.

To empower & help other business owners in their journey and to bring Awareness about those who are Disabled & especially in regard to unemployment.


#1 – The Unemployment Rate in our Country (U.S.) for disabled professionals is significantly higher than the average population?

#2 The Blind or Visibly Impaired has an unemployment rate over 90%!

Tammy Durden - business coach and disability awareness

[Yes, this is Me using my forearm crutch. For greater distances I use a scooter.]

"That is Unacceptable I Cried!"

That is when I knew I needed to do business much differently.


Have You Thought You Can No Longer Work?

I Have A Great Alternative

Become a Service Provider, Work Right From Home (bed if needed), & Be Your Own Boss!

Fearless Business Boss Core Values

Our Core Values:

Honesty – Our #1 Value – Honesty & Transparency with you and with each other. 

Trust – If we are honest with one another TRUST will come naturally. Then we can accomplish so much more together.

Integrity – We approach all we do with this in mind, knowing we are accountable to you, our client, but ultimately are accountable to a higher calling.

Loyalty – We are Loyal to you, our clients, and simply hope you become loyal to us in return.

Growth – Helping you Grow your business is our Top Priority.

What About Before I Owned A Business...

Before I owned any business I worked in the corporate & small business world and was an Assistant Accountant, Bookkeeper, a Retail Assistant Manager in a large retail chain. Prior to this I was an Administrative Assistant, and have experience in family-run businesses.  My parents were also serial entrepreneurs so I guess it’s in my blood (haha). 

Other Things To Know...

I have served in…

  • Leadership roles in business organizations
  • Leadership roles in ministry
  • Counseling Women, Families, and Teens
  • Mentoring Online
  • Mentoring Military and Veterans
  • Online Courses for Freelancers
  • Online Courses for SCORE
  • Speaking at Conventions & Summits
  • Webinars

I love Coaching Business Owners in various stages of their business journeys.

In my rare free time I love spending time with my husband, Eric, my 3 adult children & their spouses, and especially with our grandchildren!  I also enjoy studying God’s word, scrapbooking my family photos, and doing graphic design.

"She goes above and beyond to help you reach your business goals. She is an awesome Business Coach and I would highly recommend her." -CP

As Seen In...


BestSelling Authors International

Define Yourself


Tammy has presented several webinars on SCORE a national organization linked to the Small Business Association.  The subjects were presented to help educate a wide range of entrepreneurs.

GoSolo Platform

Featured Tammy on GoSolo in their Business Coach Series.

Read More About My Journey In This Nationally Featured Article ...

Anytime & Anywhere Careers

“How a Business Coach Started Her Work from Home Journey”

Also Seen In...


Tammy is a Community Mentor for this platform and offers 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions. 

Freelance University Mentor - Tammy S. Durden
Online Business Management Cerification

Online Business Management

These are a few of the courses Tammy has taught for Freelance University. 

virtual bookkeeping certificate

Virtual Bookkeeper

Business Processes & Systems taught by Tammy

Business Processes & Systems

Excited & Proud to Be Named 

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States by UpCity.

Listed As One of The Top in 2022 Again!

Voted Best of Virginia for Consulting (coaching) in 2022!

So Do Not Doubt – Tammy Can Help You Grow & Scale with a Team – Let Tammy Help because virtual hand-holding is included!

Best of Virginia - 2022 - Tammy Durden

We Are Very Excited & Proud That Our Boutique Digital Marketing Agency was named one of the

Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Richmond by Expertise.

Tammy's Agency Named in the 20 Tops Digital Marketing Agency in Richmond 2311

Did You Know Tammy Has Been Quoted

UpCity Logo

Tammy has been featured on UpCity as a Contributor.

Article Discussing Red Flags That Indicate A Difficult Client

UpCity Quote by tammy Durden

Article Discussing Online Directories

Tammy has also been featured on SCORE Webinars teaching others about Outsourcing & Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant and Veteran to Entrepreneurship 

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Tammy's Agency Named in the 20 Tops Digital Marketing Agency in Richmond 2311
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