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Mastermind Group Coaching with Tammy Durden

Attention: Female Online Service Providers & Agency Owners

Personal Message From Tammy

Limited Lifetime Offer - Group Coaching Session Every Week!

This is an Exciting Opportunity to Receive Business Coaching in a Mastermind Group Setting.  This is a unique introductory offer – gives you a LIFETIME OFFER. That may not happen again so take advantage while you can grab a spot.  Very Limited Space Open.


Each group is limited in capacity (up to max. 10 members, most will have 5-6*) in order to give all members lots of opportunities for 1-on-1 coaching help weekly. 

You will not want to miss this opportunity to grow your business, meet new colleagues, receive business coaching in a group setting, and develop long-lasting relationships.

Others Are Saying...

Natashia Tiel Virtual Solutions


“In one word …


Through your coaching and actionable steps, you gave me the confidence to be ready to move forward in growing my business. Your guidance helped me to set things up so I was ready to bring a team member on (successfully).

Your listening ear, questions, and encouragement in our weekly mastermind calls have helped to positively shape my mindset to be confident in my ability, my purpose, and my success … especially in those low and hard moments.

The monthly goals and quarterly challenges have given me the accountability to take action and push through my comfort zone, to keep moving my business forward, and to believe in my capabilities.” -NT



mastermind group of women

If you sign up now for

Special Lifetime Deal of $59/Month your monthly amount will never go up as long as you remain a member.

Your monthly amount will never go up as long as you remain a member.

Experience In The Mastermind Group Coaching

Step out of my comfort zone, but with tools and resources, like the challenges.

Definitely building my confidence to improve personal struggles that have been flowing into my work life, and also making decisions about clients that no longer fit with my model or just even my lifestyle.” – TB

Tovey Blake Above All Admin
Mastermind Coaching Group

You Are Ready For This Mastermind If You Are...

  • A Woman Online Service Provider
  • A Female Online Service Agency Owner
  • Ready for Business Coaching Help
    • May Not Feel Ready for (or cannot afford) individual coaching)
  • Want a Mastermind Experience
  • Ready to Help Others with Your Own Expertise in a Mastermind Setting
  • Eager to Grow Your Business
  • Hoping to Scale by Adding a Team

If You Answered "YES" to One or More of These You Should Sign Up Today!

*NOTE:  A Minimum of 3 Members need to join the group to be effective.  If you join and we do not have enough members you will be refunded.  A maximum of 10 Members is allowed (12 is the absolute max, but 10 or less is preferable) to give enough room and time for all members to participate.  If we end up with many more sign-ups, the first 8-10 will be given the Friday, 1:00 PM, Eastern time slot and another group will form with those joining after the first 8- 10 and will be contacted about the session time).


LindaMae Oligive

Here Is What Others Are Saying About Tammy's Mastermind Group Coaching

“In a word… FOCUS! You took my ramblings, my disjointed thoughts, my vision and my dream and not only helped to design a plan but helped me break it down and be accountable for each step. The result is a business I am proud of and a reflection of myself. Thank you!”  -LMO

Benefits Of Joining This Mastermind Group

  • Mastermind Group Coaching with Tammy
  • This is an ongoing group – not just a short program
  • You Will Get 1-on-1 Attention from Tammy Every Week (every member is allowed a time to discuss or ask questions about anything).
  • I believe the whole person, especially for women, influence every part of our lives and businesses.
    • There may be times when some members need to discuss things that are going on in their personal life – this is allowed because it affects our businesses. 
  • Weekly Session Every Friday at 1:00 PM, Eastern
  • 55 – 90 Minutes in Length (depending on group members’ needs that week)
  • This is a High Level Mastermind Group of Your Colleagues & Peers + Tammy
  • You will have the ability to ask questions about your business within the mastermind group
  • Ability to ask for input from within the mastermind group
  • Opportunity to Grow Your Business
  • 1-On-1 Business Coaching Opportunities during your sessions
  • Each Member Gets Time to Share (approx. 15-30 min. each)
  • This Group Will Be Limited to 10 Members (12 at most depending on response).
  • I Like to Be Able to Give Feedback and Coaching for Every Member (why I do not allow hundreds into this group)
  • This Mastermind Group Is Very Different from Most – It’s Not About the Money It’s About YOU – the Member!
  • I desire to be real, honest, genuine, and even vulnerable so please be open to being this as well.
  • This also means that I often share from a vulnerable place, because I believe this gives you permission to be vulnerable as well.
  • Great Accountability within the Mastermind Group
  • Accountability with Like-Minded Online Service Providers and Agency Owners
  • You will set monthly goals
  • Each members goals will be made into a graphic and shared with the group
  • Your goals will be visible by other members
  • You will be given Quarterly Challenges
  • Help you to get out of your comfort zone
  • Help you grow your business
  • You will be given access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Colleague Interaction will help you grow your experience, your business, and your knowledge.
  • You are expected to interact with your expertise and knowledge when applicable
  • This Is A Private Group with Private Sharing
  • No Recordings of Sessions
  • Each member is encouraged to form strategic and/or referral partners with other members in the group (when able) to help grow your business.

Mastermind Coaching Group

mastermind coaching group

Form Unique Bonds While Growing Your Business

What Others Are Saying...

Fran De Guzman of Beach Break Ventures

“I enjoy being part of Tammy’s Fearless Mastermind group! The members are super helpful & supportive. We all learn from each other’s experiences. Having these amazing ladies in my is helping to make my entrepreneur journey better.” – FDG

Q & A

About Mastermind Coaching Group

Yes, everyone attends at the same time together via a Zoom link you are sent through a calendar invitation. Each Member will take turns sharing and discussing. This is why I limit the number allowed in each Mastermind Coaching Group. I want us all to be able to share and be genuine and vulnerable.  You will be surprised at you the great online relationships your form with others.

No problem because you are in control of the subscription and go to PayPal and ‘unsubscribe’ to the group.

Yes, many. All very successful with group members receiving many benefits.

Not a problem. You can always sign up for one of my 3 to 6 month 1-on-1 coaching programs if space is available. You can keep the group in place at the same time if you like or you can unsubscribe from the group and do the 1-on-1 coaching with me (Tammy).


Limited Time Only

Starts Friday, May 19th at 1:00 pm



Lifetime Offer Only: $59/month

(*The monthly amount will never go up for those who sign up for this offer)
Reg. Monthly Fee: $99/month


Only 10 spots are available – Sign Up Now to reserve your member space.

To Join Click on the PayPal, PayPal Credit, or Debit or Credit Card Button below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  By joining you are agreeing to the monthly Mastermind Group Coaching subscription fee to be automatically deducted each month (it will come out the same date you joined – if you join on the 15th of this month, next month the amount will come out on the 15th of that month and each subsequent month).  

You may unsubscribe or unjoin at any time by canceling your membership in your PayPal account.

*LIFETIME OFFER – this means your monthly membership fee will never go up as long as you remain within the mastermind coaching group. 

As with any Business Coaching opportunity, you will receive from this opportunity exactly what you put into it.  If you show up, interact, help when able, and receive others’ information and experience to help you, you will grow.