scale & grow your business and other benefits of hiring a business coach

Benefits Of Hiring A Business Coach

We often discuss many aspects of running your online service business. Online service providers are those who offer services such as online business managers, freelancers, …

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7 Steps to Reach Your Prospective Clients

7 Steps To Reach Prospective Clients

Today it is all about reaching your ideal audience, also known as your prospective client. I’ve discussed both market and competitive research. Now, I want …

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ideal audience

Define Your Ideal Audience Online

This month we have been discussing your audience. Last week I wrote about market research as I felt that online service providers struggle in this …

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market research to define your audience

Define Your Audience Through Market Research

I’ve discussed competitive research with you but we have not really discussed much about market research previously. So, I would like us to take a …

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Producing unique content consistently

Produce Unique Content Consistently

We all know content is king. Yet why do we struggle to produce it? This article will help you as you set out to produce …

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Between Swims and taking risks

We Are All In Between Swims – Risks In Business

This phrase was recently shared with me in an online group, “We are all in between swims”. It is a kayaker’s saying and it stuck …

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Social Media and Engagement by Tammy Durden - heart emoji

I Am Not Brave And Other Self-Worth Lessons Learned

How I Really Feel (About My Disease & More) I am often told that I am brave or inspirational. Yet, I do not think of …

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attracting clients in a difficult economy

Attracting Clients During A Difficult Economy

Attracting clients is difficult enough but made more difficult in today’s global economic downturn. The usual ways of doing this either need to be ramped …

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Mastering the top 5 struggles of an online business

Mastering the Top 5 Struggles in Your Online Business

Every business struggles from time to time, however, for those of us in the online service industry there are at least five issues that come …

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redefining success in the virtual world by tammy durden

Redefining Success in the Virtual Industry

How do you define success? Many of us define success based on a number. I used to define success by this as well. It is …

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