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Hi Ladies, I'm Tammy

Coach To Online Service Entrepreneurs

I help women online service entrepreneurs, just like you, build and grow their businesses so that it fits their lifestyle rather than squeeze a life around their business.

I’ve mentored and coached women all along my 16 year business journey.  I’d love to help you achieve your goals and create a business you love.  Let’s Connect!

My Business Story by Tammy Durden

Others Are Saying:

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"Tammy is like one of the founding God Mothers in the Virtual Assistance space today"

Tammy Redefined Success to Work On Her Terms

Let's Create and Grow Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle

Not Squeeze Your Life Around Your Business

IF You Are...

  • Self-Motivated
  • Ready to Do the Work
  • Passionate to Help Others with Your Services

You Are In The Right Place, My Friend!


That Businesses Who Paid for Coaching Had an Excellent ROI* (Return On Investment)

They Received Nearly $8.00 Back for Every One Dollar They Invested In a Business Coach

That is nearly 8X Return on Your Investment. 

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*The ROI for those who purchased Business Coaching services saw a $7.90 Return on Every Dollar Spent

(*According to a study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC)

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99% of Professionals Who Hired A Coach Were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied!

99% of Professionals Who Hired A Coach Were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied!

“99% of those that hire coaches, both companies and individuals, reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service. With 96% of those surveyed saying they’d repeat the coaching process.” -Sell Courses Online

Tammy Is A Member of American Association of Christian Counselors

American Association of Christian Counselors

Are You Ready To Grow and Scale Your Service Business?

I Have Been Where You Are...

Business & Marketing Coach - Tammy Durden - Start a new journey

I Started Offering Lead Generation and Virtual Assistant Services over 15 years ago with nothing except a computer and a desk (in the corner of my bedroom) while homeschooling my 3 children. 

      • It wasn’t easy
      • I had to learn a lot of new things

That meant I had to learn:

      • Forming the actual Company (DBA, Solo, Partmership, LLC, or Other Type of Company)
      • How to register my company
      • How to request an EIN from the Government
      • And All the other basics of starting and forming a business

That meant I had to learn:

      • How to price and package my services
      • How to market our company
      • Where to market those services best
      • Who to market those services to
      • What the best content was for our marketing
      • Strategies to market our services as well as strategies to market our clients

I turned my VA business into a VA Agency with a team.

      • It wasn’t easy
      • It wasn’t overnight
      • And I had more to learn and do

Processes that helped me bring on new Team Members in order to create the agency I wanted & needed.

I had to…

      • Know where to find the right team members
      • Develop processes that were repeatable by every team member
      • Connect those processes to systems that worked for us 
      • Develop processes that could be handed to another team member
      • Record these processes where everyone could access them
      • And most of all that were seamless to clients

After turning my VA Business into a VA Agency we transitioned again and became a Small Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

      • Does my journey sound like what you want to do
      • Maybe you are transitioning right now and need help

Sheryl Says:

“After being in business as a Virtual Assistant for 12 years, I was stuck in a rut and had no desire to work in my business anymore. I was also facing a decision on whether or not to keep going with my VA business or not. Tammy helped me clear through the doubt and confusion. She was able to laser in right where I needed help and was able to clear the chaos from my brain. Thank you Tammy!”

 Nearly 16 Years of Experience

Tammy Durden Business and Marketing Coach

What are you waiting for?

Proven Step-by-Step Methods

Tammy Has Been Where You Are...

What Can You Expect From Coaching?

  • Honest, Expert Advice
  • Review Where You Are Now
  • Custom Help, Not Cookie-Cutter 
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Ways to Increase Revenue
  • Help With Your Packages
  • Virtual Hand Holding (When Needed)
  • Marketing Strategies Laid Out Specifically for Your Niche to Help You Attract Clients Quicker
  • Learn How to Build a Virtual Team (if Scaling)
  • Best Ways to Find Subcontractors
  • Access to A Client Portal With Tons of Resources (contracts, subcontract agreements, revenue review, storyboards, content calendars, and so many more resources)
  • And So Much More


Are You A Numbers Person?

ROI for Business Coaches

Take a Look at the Stats for ROI (Return on Investment) for those who hired a Coach

Numbers Don't Lie:

• 53% increase in overall productivity

• 23% lowered costs

• 22% increase in profitability

• 34% reduction in client grievances

-According to Forbes (based on a published study)

And Let's Not Forget the Nearly 8 Times Your Investment for ROI!* ~according to a study by MetrixGlobal LLC..

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