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You are ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey.  You tired of the corporate 9 to 5 world and want the freedom that having your own business affords you.

Are you a Mom (who may have left corporate some time ago) and are ready to work again but you don’t want someone else raising your children.  You have skills and are ready to put them to use by having your own business and adding to your family income.

Do you have a side gig alongside your corporate job?  Are ready to set up that side gig properly and start working from home full-time.  You are ready to leave that 9 to 5 world but unsure how to do it.  You need a little guidance to help you move from side gigger to full time business owner.

Do any of these (or maybe other reasons) sound like you? If you want to begin your entrepreneurial journey or take it to the next step, I can help!

Set up your FREE Mini Coaching Session with me and we can begin to map our your road to success!

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Starting Your Online Service Business

Programs Starting At $495/Month*

*Discounted if Paid In Full Only $2,795 for 6 Month Coaching

(*6 Month Minimum Partnering Together| Discount if Paid in Full)

  • Guide and Help You Through Creating Your Business
  • Guide You to Set Up and Launch Your Business 
  • Help You As You Develop Your Brand, Learn About Your Audience, and Market Your Business
  • Meet 1 on 1 with Tammy
  • Each Session is 55 Minutes
  • 2 Sessions Per Month
  • Discuss Your Next Steps In Each Session
  • Receive After Session ‘Action Steps’ to Propel Your Business Forward
  • Receive Session Recordings (if requested at beginning of Session)
  • Discuss Your Purpose – Mission – Your WHY
  • What’s In A Name
    • Assistance In Deciding On Your Business Name and Domain Name
  • Assistance Deciding What Type of Business (DBA, Solo, Partner, LLC, etc.) You Set Up
  • Assistance (if needed) Completing The Appropriate Paperwork (Business License, Federal ID, etc.)
  • Assistance & Feedback With Your Business Planning
  • Additional Step By Step Guidance With Setting Up or Scaling Up Your Business
  • Guidance Deciding On Your Niche
  • Guidance Deciding on the Niche Industry You Serve
  • Discuss Building Your Website
    • Obtaining Your Domain Name
    • Where To Host Your Website
    • Various Options Including Your Design and Copy
    • Referrals to Website Builders (if need someone to build your website)
  • Logo
  • Options For Your Designs & Copy
    • Deciding On Fonts
    • Colors
    • Design
  • Personal Brand
  • Business Brand 
  • Market Research
  • Walk Through Defining Your Ideal Client (Storyboard Support)
  • Complete Your Storyboard and Discover Your Ideal Client’s Needs In Their Words!
  • Review and Discuss Your Storyboard Walkthrough
  • Identify Your Ideal Audience
  • Messaging to Reach Your Ideal Audience
  • Locating Your Ideal Client Online
  • We Will Review and Evaluate Your Client Service Offerings
  • Discuss Each Type of Service 
  • Discuss How You Provide These Services (who, using what, etc.)
  • You Will Establish (if you haven’t already) Client Processes for Your Service Offerings
  • How To Create Your Package Options
    • Hourly or Package Rates
    • One-Off Projects
    • Retainer Clients
  • Budgeting for Your Business
  • Budget Goals
  • Quarterly Taxes
  • Put Your Processes In Place
  • Documenting Your Processes (as you grow)
  • Manual of Operations
  • Client Contracts
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Systems & Tools To Utilize
  • CRMS & Email Marketing Tools and Set Up
  • Project Management Systems
  • Invoicing Systems
  • And More
  • Learning To Work Alone Online (if need)
  • How To Stay Motivated
  • Burnout (Ways to Combat)
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Tons of Documents To Help You Grow
    • Tools
    • Templates
    • Worksheets
    • And Other Resources
    • Responsive Email Support
  • During Your 3 to 6 Month Program You Will Have Direct Email Support via Regular Email or Your Client Portal
  • You Receive One Month FREE In Tammy’s Weekly Fearless Mastermind Group Coaching Program

Fearless Startup Program

For Women Just Like You Who Want To Be Your Own Boss

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