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Hand-Holding Included

Don't You Wish Someone Would Come Alongside You To Guide You Step-by-Step Trough It All?

Hand holding help to start or scale your business

Yes! Virtual Hand Holding & Hugs Included at No Charge.

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Tammy Offers Clients a one-on-one practical – intuitive approach 

My Clients have said that I am genuine, real, and caring yet I also set boundaries and hold you accountable (something we all need)

I take you step-by-step with proven methods and strategies + matched with my years of serial entrepreneurship experience to help you soar to the next level in your business.

Wondering If We Will Be A Good Fit?

Wouldn't It Be So Nice To Sit Down Together and Share a Cup of Coffee (or Tea)? We Cannot Meet At A Coffee Shop But We Can Meet Virtually.

I Hope Meeting With Me Will Feel Like Old Friends Re-Connecting.

Like Connecting with an old friend, Tammy is genuine, real, and practical in her coaching.

Like Connecting with an old friend, Tammy is genuine, real, and practical in her coaching.

I love empowering you to reach your business dreams and goals.

Providing proven steps & methods with strategies to equip & empower you to achieve your business goals.

I love seeing you grow in…

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I understand where you are and I know your hesitation because I was once where are today.

Is this how you feel…

  • Confused by all the big promises online
  • Not sure where to find a good coach
  • Uncertain who will be real with you
  • Want intuitive practical help
  • Looking for affordability 

That is exactly where I was once!  I truly have been where you are.

The Good News Is…

I can help you with the next steps in achieving your business goals.

Including practical, real help and steps that have proven successful, with no outrageous undeliverable promises, at a truly budget-friendly investment!

Now is the time to take action. Don’t put it off any longer. The longer you put it off the more your business may suffer. 

What Are You Going To Do Now?

    • Are you ready to have someone Come Alongside?
    • Are you ready to have a genuine, real, person give you step-by-step help? 
    • Is it time to finally commit to a coach?

I take you through the steps you need and methods to move your business to the next level. 

Best of all, I have budget-friendly packages with payment options. Making it very affordable.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Where Next? Business & Marketing Coach

Wondering WHO I am?

Wondering WHY I do this?

Well, I LOVE Helping other service-based businesses. I started over 14 years ago when we moved to Virginia.  I could no longer work outside of the home because I had become disabled years earlier due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS & later Lupus) so I looked for honest work from home jobs.  Guess what?

There were not many honest work-from-home jobs back in 2008.  So I created my own and have loved being my own boss for over 14 years now.

Learn More About My Quest To Help Other Disabled Professionals Work From Home… 

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Discover My Christ-Centered Option

Christ-Centered Coaching with Tammy

Wouldn't It Be Amazing IF...

You Could Get - REAL -- Practical - Step-by-Step Guidance?

Having Fun with Business Coach Tammy Durden

I Can Help You Because - I Have Been Where You Are!

I have over 14 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. In 2020 I exited my boutique digital marketing agency. I started as a Virtual Assistant who built a Multi-VA Agency, then transitioned into the digital marketing agency. I have been where you are and I look forward to guiding you to start, grow, or scale your business.

Tammy’s intuitive, caring nature will quickly put you at ease and help you complete the practical steps (with virtual hand-holding included)

3 to 6 Month Programs I Offer:

  • Start Right with Proven Steps

  • Build with Proven Strategies

  • Scale by Outsourcing & Build Your Team

  • Christ-Centered Business Coaching

See My Coaching Programs Below To See Which Is Right For You

Four Types Of Coaching Programs Tammy Offers

1-on-1 Coaching With Tammy for 3 to 6 Months

(with the option to continue coaching 1 on 1 or may be get and Invitation to a Special Mastermind Group Coaching)
A New Journey Begins - Tammy Durden Business Growth Coach

Tammy Is Here To Help You Through Those Birthing & Growing Pains In Your Business!

Ready To Cut Through All The Noise?

Please Take A Look At My Program Options:

1. Startup (or Re-Start) Business Coach Program

Are You Ready To Start or Re-Start Your Online Service-Based Business?  Have You Been Dreaming Of Creating That Passion-Driven Business Of Your Dreams? Tammy helps you start out right with her proven steps and strategies as she partners to walk alongside you.  Empowering You to set up your business right from the start. Ready To Get Started?  Click The Button Below To Contact Us.

2. Business Growth & Scaling Program

Are You Ready To Grow Through Analytics, Plans, And Proven Steps & Strategies? Or Is It Time For You To Scale By Adding A Team Of Subcontractors (outsourcing)? Enabling You To Attract Higher Paying Clients as we guide & help you through growing your business. We walk alongside you for three to six months to help you gain clarity & take the steps needed to make your dream business & move it forward! If you are ready to learn more simply click the button below.

Choose from One of My Programs:

Which One Is Right For You?

3. Marketing Coach Program

After Years Of Experience Owning A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency, I Know Marketing Online Is More Than A Few Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Social Media Posts.  It takes a well-rounded online digital marketing strategy that helps boost you in front of your audience.

You Can Choose From Digging Deep or a DIY Option.

4. Christ-Centered Business Coach Program

Are You Ready To Put Christ First In Everything – Including Your Business? Are Frustrated, Struggling, Or Have A Lack Of Direction And Know God Desires You To Move Toward Him First In Order To Create A Successful Business? We Will Guide You for 3 to 6 Months Through Prayer, Wisdom, And The Word In Our 1-On-1 Christ-Centered Business Coaching Program. If You Are Ready To Learn More Click the “Learn More” Button Below.

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