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Tammy Has Mentored and Coached Hundreds of Women

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An Intuitive Business Coach Inspiring Women* Online Service Providers

Hi, My Friend, I Am Tammy

Are You A Woman Starting Or Growing An Online Service Business?

You are in the right place because I've mentored and coached hundreds of women just like you!

I’ve helped them to start, grow, transition, and scale their businesses so I know I can help you!

I will help you with the next steps in your business

You are right where I was – Let Me help you.  

I’d want to invite you to create a business you love.  

Tammy Has Mentored, Taught, and Coached Hundreds

Just like you along her 16-year business journey


Are You Frustrated, Maxed Out, and Overwhelmed?

Inspiring and Helping Women Like You

I love inspiring women online service providers, just like you to grow a business to fit your lifestyle rather than squeezing a life around your business.

Let Me Help You Go From...

  • Feeling Stuck
  • Working Too Many Hours
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Your Mind Spinning
  • Maxed Out On Your Hours
  • Unable To Take More Clients
  • Being Frustrated
  • Limited Time With Family And Friends
  • Not Looking Forward To Your Work Day
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Uncertain How To Move Forward

To Being Confident with a Plan to Move Forward

"Five minutes with Tammy could be an eye opener so imagine if you have 20!!!" -DG

Clients Are Saying...

STOP Hitting That Wall And Start Moving Forward

1-0n-1 Business Coaching

With Virtual Hand-Holding Included!

Virtual Hand holding help to start or scale your business

I have Mentored and Coached Hundreds of Women!

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Are You Tired Of Hitting The Proverbial Wall?

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

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Tammy Redefined Success to Work On Her Terms

Let's Create and Grow Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle

Not Squeeze Your Life Around Your Business

How I Will Help You

What I Do...

  • I Work Alongside You
  • Assist You In Creating Goals
  • Provide Proven Steps and Strategies So You Achieve Your Goals
  • Provide Accountability
  • Guide You From My Experience And Business Knowledge
  • Teach You From My Mistakes (so you don’t make them)
  • Give You Steps To Grow Your Business
  • Equip You With Marketing Strategies That Work
  • Connect You With Opportunities
  • Guide You To Build A Team (if applicable) 
  • Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
  • Recommend You To Prospective Client Requests I Receive (where applicable) 
  • And So Much More

I Am Here To Help You Create and Grow

A Business to Fit Your Lifestyle

My Business Story by Tammy Durden

Rather Than Squeeze a Life Around Your Business

See Coaching Program Available

I've Been There And Want To Inspire You to Build Your Dream Business

Business Coaching for women by Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

Are You...

  • Self-Motivated
  • Ready to Grow Your Business
  • Ready to Put Winning Strategies and Steps in Place
  • Ready to Do the Work
  • Passionate to Help Others with Your Services
  • Want to Move Forward
  • Tired of Standing Still or Being Stuck
  • Excited to Reach Your New Clients (prospective new clients & audience) 

If So Then You Are In The Right Place, My Friend!

Why Invest In Your Business And Hire A Business Coach? Believes It Is Worth The Investment

“Hiring a business coach is an investment in your business’s success and your ability to drive continued growth. Working with a business coach gives you an expert perspective on your abilities as a businessperson that you can leverage for a range of personal and professional benefits including strategic support, expert insight, increased self-awareness, identify growth opportunities, improved accountability, encouragement.” –

16 Years Experience

As An Online Service Business I've Been There

Tammy business coach deal for FreeU students

“You are a wealth of knowledge,” Says Mary E.

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Proven Step-by-Step Methods

What Can You Expect From My Coaching?

  • Honest, Expert Advice
  • Review Where You Are Now
  • Custom Help, Not Cookie-Cutter 
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Ways to Increase Revenue
  • Help With Your Packages
  • Virtual Hand Holding (When Needed)
  • Marketing Strategies Laid Out Specifically for Your Niche to Help You Attract Clients Quicker
  • Learn How to Build a Virtual Team (if Scaling)
  • Best Ways to Find Subcontractors
  • Access to A Client Portal With Tons of Resources (contracts, subcontract agreements, revenue review, storyboards, content calendars, and so many more resources)
  • And So Much More


Latest Consulting Certification

I Believe In Staying On Top of My Skills

I think it is important to stay current with our skills and education.  That is why I recently completed a Consulting Foundations Course through LinkedIn.

Consulting Certification May 2024

Tammy Is A Member of American Association of Christian Counselors

American Association of Christian Counselors

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"I would not be where I am today in business without her support and guidance."-LM

Tammy Durden, Business Coach, Speaker, Founder & CEO

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I Look Forward To Meeting You Soon

(*I also coach men but the majority of my clients are women)