You May Be Losing Clients If You Are Not Using This…

Written by Tammy Durden

Are you using any calendar scheduler apps to help prospective clients and current clients book appointments with you? Calendar Apps and Software are very useful tools. If you are not using one this is a good time to sign up for one of the many options. There are so many benefits to using these. They can keep your overbooked, undermanaged calendar in check. The worse thing is you may be losing clients if you are not doing this in your business.

Streamlining Your Processes

Everyone is so busy today. Most do not have the time for back and forth emails to schedule that 30-minute time for prospective client calls. Another great thing about using this type of software will streamline your processes. It brings automation for your calendar, allows you to receive payments (if you take payments for each appointment), along with other options for most software. A calendar scheduler will also help you look professional and give the impression that you have it all together, even if you do not.

Benefits Of Using A Calendar Scheduler

  • Prospective Clients – can easily book a consultation to get to know you. It is seamless and no need for the 10 emails back and forth. Simply provide the person with you special link (after you set up your calendar appointments) and they set it for the most convenient time for you both.
  • Client Appointments – supplying your clients with a link to use over and over (for monthly strategy appointments for example) saves you both time and energy.
  • One-Off Paid Sessions – for those times when it’s an extra strategy session or someone who is not yet a client but wants a consultation or brainstorming help this perfect. Set up an appointment that connects to your PayPal or bank (depending on the software) and they will have to pay the appointment upfront. No need to bill after the fact so your focus in the session is all about the client. No need to worry over whether you will be paid or not. This also helps build great client relationships and loyalty.
  • Relationship Building – you know we all receive those ‘messages’ that start, “Hi how are you doing?” and end up with “I’d like to get to know you better, can we meet sometime to see if we can help one another?” Granted some are just plain spammy but some are worthwhile and deserve a meeting to look to see if building a relationship could be beneficial. In those cases, if you use your calendar scheduler, all you need to do is send them your link for a quick way to set up that appointment.
  • Team Meetings – If you have a team, scheduling your team meetings can include Zoom integrations for most software now. Creating a meeting and sending everyone the link will save you all time.

There are probably 10 more reasons you can think of as well to use this type of system. It is a great productivity hack for you and your business. Those you plan to meet with will thank you in the end.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Most have a free option. Keep in mind that the free options usually only for 1 to 3 appointment types to be set up. Depending on your need you may have to upgrade. Most are very reasonable from $8 per month up to $15 per month. Although many want the annual payment upfront.

Where Can I Find These Calendar Schedulers?

There are so many calendar programs you are probably asking, “Where can I find some of these calendar schedulers?”. Here is a short, believe it or not, list of calendar scheduler software along with a very short summary.

  1. Calendly – this is the one I use and love. It is very well known and often used by many. It has the ability to accept payments, automates my calendar coaching sessions, and recently integrated TypeForm.
  2. Acuity – is another big hitter in this category. They have certified specialist who can even help you set up your calendars and integrations.
  3. Book Like A Boss – Also a well known name in the calendar industry. This one is able to accept payments and schedule appointments with other integration.
  4. Appointment Plus – this one seems to be more of a premium program for mid to larger corporations.
  5. FlexBooker – customizable software that integrates with many other software programs. You can accept payments and also integrate to your website.
  6. Appointment Thing – has worldwide time zones, in case you have clients all over the world. And this is a very inexpensive option. It has all the integrations and payment options as the others do.
  7. HoneyBook – is a very robust system – not just a calendar scheduler. This one can help with all types of automations. Things like proposals, contracts, invoices, and more can be automated with HoneyBook.
  8. Thryv – claims to help with everything from appointment setting, to taking payments, and so much more. Seems like a great one for the small business owner who is a service such powerwashers, HVAC, and so many other industries.

There are multiple options to choose from to get you started. As I mentioned, I use Calendly and love it, but I know that Acuity is also an amazing option and have heard nothing but really good things about Book Like A Boss.

No matter which one you choose, just get started! You will never want to turn back. Once you automate this you will want to start automating all of your processes and systems.

Thanks for joining me and hopefully learning about calendar scheduler software options. If you have questions please let me know. I may not have all the answers, but I will try to get them for you.

Take care of yourself during this season.

To Your Continued Success!

Tammy S Durden - Fearless Business Boss Coach

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