Why You Should Blog To Help Your SEO

Written by Tammy Durden

You have heard it for years but you keep putting it off – right? I know I was a doubter myself and why it took me so long to become a ‘Blogger’. I had written on and off for years, going way back. The trouble was that I was not very consistent. I wrote when I remembered or had time (who really has time while running a business), or when I read something that nudged me toward writing. I did not realize, however, how much it could truly help a website’s search results. Blogs written on your website can be constructed to really boost your search engine optimization. This is one of the many reasons why you should blog, to help your SEO.

“Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. ”

Lindsay Kolowich of Hubspot

A Writer At Heart

The funny thing is that I truly love to write. I’ve been a ‘writer’ at heart since I was very young. I can remember writing my ‘first story’ when I was in fourth grade. In my teen years, I found writing poetry and lyrics amazingly cathartic. As an adult, and after finding ‘my place’ in this world and peace (with my salvation) I found it more difficult to write.

Why Struggle

I finally figured out the reason. It was because I prayed rather than wrote out my feelings and thoughts. Several years ago, however, I found myself writing songs again (well lyrics). They were no longer the angst of teen drama, nor the retelling of trauma, but rather they were now much more positive and filled with gratefulness and hope.

Tell Your Story

So – WHY – is that important and why am I telling you this? I think it is important to write, not just to get things out, but to also tell Your Story! It is not always easy to find our voice, especially as a business owner, writing for the business. You may not even feel that you are a good writer. That is alright, just start writing.

Features Of A Business Blog

Writing takes practice and you have to begin somewhere. The important part of writing or blogging for a business is to include these features…

1. Write what you know

2. Research what you do not know

3. Use keywords that your audience will search

4. Pick topics related to your industry that are customer-centric (or client)

Write What You Know

It sounds easy enough until you start to write. I can tell you all about social media management, content and even blogging, but when I sit down to ‘write what I know‘, my mind often blanks on topics. Some ways to help get started can be to do a search for popular subjects on one of the search engines. Another way to get going is to consider what you actually say to others about your business. The what, why and how and then elaborate as able.

Research What You Do Not Know

It is always a good idea to add links to your articles. This is where ‘research what you do not know‘ happens because it backs up the know-how and adds insight and additional knowledge to use in the future. Adding 1 to 2 ‘backlinks’ to each blog is important. It will also help the blog/article you are linking. Sometimes if you reach out to the author they will even feature or share your article on their social channels as well. Giving more it exposure.

Use Keywords

When blogging to help SEO it is imperative to use keywords in the article. Be sure to use keywords that your audience will search for in order to help the website be found more often. Some articles have years of life on them, being read 3 to 5+ years after the original writing. If you do not use dates or references to the time or era it is then it can be helpful for your readers for years to come. Or also considered ‘evergreen’ content.

Customer-Centric Topics

Picking topics that are customer-centric is also important. Write as if addressing it to clients and especially for prospective clients. Consider the things that clients and prospective clients always ask. Take these questions and turn them into an article by answering it in written format. Your articles should be natural yet professional. Write as you would speak, yet be sure grammatically correct.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails you can hire someone or company to do the blogging for you and your company. We (Tammy’s Office Solutions) do this for a number of clients. Similar to ‘ghostwriting’ we simply post it under ‘staff writer’ or a specific name requested by the client. More and more business owners are so busy trying to run the company and still do what they do best, that it becomes increasingly difficult to do it ALL. The article does not have to be written by you, it is ok to hire a professional blogger.

Is It Still My Voice

When a company hires our team, we get to know the person and the business. We want to be able to represent the voice of your brand. It is a learning process that gets better and better as time goes on. As we have more time together it gives us more time to know the client and how they want to be represented. It also allows us to understand and know the topics that resonate best with their audience.

Is It Worth It

It is absolutely worth the time or money spent on someone else to blog! We recently had a client who had fallen off of Page 1 on Google. She contacted us for SEO at first. We discussed this and I explained that although I am not an SEO expert, I do know a few tricks of the trade that could help her company. One of which was blogging. We began writing blogs for her and within 2 months she resumed her page 1 ranking. It helped her so much that she was able to sell the business and retire by the next year. The answer again is ‘YES’ it is worth it. Whether you blog or pay someone or a company to do it for you, it is worth the investment of time or money. You simply must consider what your hourly rate versus what you would pay someone else to do it for you (by the way this usually comes out cheaper to hire someone for most business owners).

Do You Need Help

If you need any help with your blogging please reach out 804-723-5491 and see our very affordable packages. We would love to help write your story in your brand’s voice.

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