Why You Should Be On Facebook

Written by Tammy Durden

If you are still trying to figure out which social media platform you need to focus on, let me help you.  It should be Facebook.   Yes, they certainly have had their issues lately.  Many have left in droves due to data breaches and breaking trust with sharing our private information without our knowledge.  Wait…I did say you SHOULD be on their platform, right? Let me tell you why you should be on Facebook.

Reasons to be on Facebook

  1. Facebook is still the number one social platform.
  2. It is an easy platform to use and learn.
  3. Most consumers are on Facebook so if you sell a product it is a must.
  4. Advertising is relatively inexpensive.
  5. Your Friends are on it.
  6. Your Colleagues are on it.
  7. Most Importantly, Your Prospective Clients are on Facebook.
  8. It is the top Social Media Platform according to the Statistics (see diagram).
Global Stats - Facebook leader - Tammys Blog - tammysoffices.com

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

According to this chart Facebook is the overwhelming leader with no others even close behind.  Pinterest comes in second, but way behind. Here is a look at the actual…

Global Percentage:

  • 66.29%  =  Facebook
  • 12.81%  =  Pinterest
  • 8.75%    =  Twitter
  • 8%         =  YouTube
  • 1.93%   =   Instagram
  • 0.95%   =   Tumblr 

What About …

These statistics are from September 2017 through September 2018.  
Reddit comes in below Tumblr, but one obviously missing platform is LinkedIn.  It should be noted, however, that Pinterest has actually nearly doubled since this time last year.  In 2017 they ranked at a mere 8.39% and managed to hit 15.6% in April of 2018 but dipped again by September to their current rank of the market.  Keep your eyes on them however, especially if you are an eCommerce business or helping an eCommerce.  The changes made over the last few years, on Pinterest,  have really helped their users to point viewers back to purchasing products with clickable pictures. They have added groups and of course, advertising. 

LinkedIn’s Downfall

LinkedIn has spent much time over the last few years monetizing their platform, much to the dislike of their majority of their users.  What began, in my opinion, as a great platform for business owners, Executives and Sales persons to communicate and share ideas, has now become the HR Hub platform for Head Hunters and others to scope out online resumes and poach people for the companies they working with.  It is not only an HR platform, but LinkedIn has also found multiple ways to charge us money to use the platform. 

Money, Money, Money

One of these ideas, originally allowed businesses to share needs with those who could meet that need through services they provide was a new offshoot called LinkedIn ‘ProFinder’.  I admit I enjoyed this platform and used it to pitch to businesses, mostly those needing social media services.  Now, however, the ProFinder platform is another reason people do not want to engage on LinkedIn.  This easy to use portion of LinkedIn went from free (for many months, while they tested it on us) for both seekers and providers, now cost the provider another subscription service to be able to respond.  In order for me to have the privilege of bidding on the prospective clients presented to me, I must upgrade my account.  This is no small fee, by the way, and will cost you a minimum of $59.99 per month!  If I am not landing at least one opportunity per month from this source alone, it is another expense I do not need.   This is only one of the ways LinkedIn has monetized and I’m not even going into the educational platform, ‘Learning’ which will cost you $29.99 per month, minimum.

The Overwhelming Evidence

Facebook has dipped significantly, yet still has a huge lead on all other social platforms.  Starting out at 80.31% in September 2017 within a few months was down to  63.03% in June 2018.  Now sitting only slightly better, it is still well above, with 66.29% of the market, the nearest platform ranking at only 12:81% (Pinterest).   If you are ready to hop into the social media market or are trying to decide which platform is the best to focus on, you cannot argue with the statistics. We simply cannot afford to leave Facebook off the marketing plan.  As much as you may get upset or struggle with the privacy concerns, it is obvious that consumers and clients are on Facebook and doing business on this platform.  If you take them off of your digital marketing strategy you miss a huge opportunity.

Why should you be on Facebook  – because it is the number one platform in the social media market and is being used regularly by your prospective clients.


Part of being on Facebook or any platform is sharing good content, and I would be honored if you share our content.  It really does mean so much to us. 

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