Why I Coach Women Online Entrepreneurs

Written by Tammy Durden

Some wonder why I choose to coach women online entrepreneurs in my coaching practice. I guess I could have chosen to coach anyone with my experience and I have coached a wide variety of individuals and businesses. And many will coach business owners of all sorts as long as they pay. The truth, however, is that as a woman I enjoy coaching other women for many reasons. Let me share why I like to coach women.

There are many different types of coaches today including business, leadership, executive, life, and more. I have a passion for helping women. That has always been in my heart. As I developed my different businesses and gained all of this experience I mentored and coached others along my journey. I’ve been asked why I coach women.

Reasons I like to coach women include:

  1. I Have Been There
  2. I speak Your Language
  3. Women Understand Women
  4. I Take Your Entire Life Into Account
  5. Women Are More Receptive
  6. Intuitively I Understand
  7. Natural Fit

Perhaps the number one reason I like coaching women online entrepreneurs is that I have been where they are today. In other words, I have been there. I started as a virtual assistant and built a VA Agency which I transitioned into a boutique digital marketing agency while creating online courses, speaking at events, and mentoring and coaching thousands over the years. Therefore, it is easy for me to relate to women who are in the online service providers and agency space.

Another reason I like coaching women is that as a woman, I speak your language. I understand your heart and your business. I know the many layers we, as women, struggle with personally and professionally. I think you will agree that it is nice to speak with someone who not only understands you but also wants to give you ways to excel and overcome personally and professionally.

Women understand women better (most of the time). When I coach, I listen to you – really hear you. I take you through activities suited for you, ask introspective questions, plus empower and equip you to do the work needed for your business (and life if needed). Women have multiple aspects that affect all they do.

Women look at life and business through a different lens. It is important to have someone who understands you when you step into a coaching session.

When I am coaching I take into account your entire life. Viewing your life and business together is often an important aspect when I am coaching women. When I coach women I incorporate your entire life as we discuss challenges. I will consider your personal as well as your business. As a woman, I know it can be difficult to separate personal and professional at times. I believe one affects the other.

Women can think on many different levels at once. We consider our family life, personal life, professional life, and more all while leading the PTA at times! Therefore, you need a business coach who understands this and is willing to hear all aspects of your life.

I had a client going through a big life transition including moving. This makes it difficult to focus on growing a business while in the midst of all of the changes. Rather than put off our sessions I felt it was important to work through the changes in her life as well as how to move forward after this transition. Focusing on the changes freed her up so that her business naturally began to grow again.

You, as a woman, are usually more receptive to change and coaching from another woman. Many men still do not like to be coached by a woman. Although I have coached men previously, I feel that women are more receptive to doing the steps I provide for them. I also believe women are more open with other women. That doesn’t mean that every woman connects with every woman, simply that they are more likely to connect and listen.

I also share my vulnerabilities with the women I coach as this permits them to be vulnerable with me. By sharing my own life and business struggles they understand they are not alone and that I truly care for them and am invested in them.

I truly love working with women and watching the changes they implement. I am very intuitive and understand my client’s needs. Because I have been there I can empathize with my clients as well. I want to help them achieve their goals and move their business forward in the online space.

This leads me to my last point that women are a natural fit for me.

Working with women is simply a natural fit for me. I have a heart burdened with helping struggling women. This includes online business owners like you. My heart truly hurts at times for my clients. I think it is important that my client knows I care for them and want to see their success.

These are the reasons I love coaching women in their life and business. I understand their needs and have built businesses and know how to help them build and grow theirs. It is my joy to do so.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

If you need help with your online service business and you want someone who can understand and has empathy for women please reach out to me.

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