Who Are You Influencing?

Written by Tammy Durden

I tell people all the time, ‘Business is a Journey, Not a Sprint’. Yet, like the proverbial leaky faucet at the plumber’s house, I can often have a difficult time remembering this myself. I want to push to the head of the class! I want to be an Influencer or at least someone that others come to for help and consider an ‘expert in the industry’. We all want to feel accepted and loved, but what does that look like in business? In business, does that mean being an Influencer or could it mean having an ‘Expert’ status? Whose lives are we making a difference in today? Who are you influencing?

The Daily Influences

Running a business is a thankless job in its worst days and happy clients in the best days. Most days, however, there are no pats on the back or congratulatory remarks that the solution you came up with was ‘Awesome’. Rather it is expected – expected that I know what I am doing, expected – that I do what I contract with clients to do – right? There is nothing wrong with this – it is the daily business of work.

One Definition of Influence

Some people think influence is reserved only for the extremely rich or powerful – the types of people who run governments or large organizations or become the face of a national cause. But the truth is, each and every person wields significant influence in their lives, from family and teams to organizations and community. These are you primary circles of influence.
” – Giant Worldwide (page no longer connected)

For most of us, however, if you do not mind me speaking for us all, most of us probably hope to do more than simply ‘work’. I think, if you are like myself, you probably want to make a mark on the world. Make a difference and leave something of yourself behind one day. If our goal, or at least part of the goal, is to make a difference in the lives of others, how & where does that begin?

The reality is, however, that most of us will not do this on a large scale. The Bill Gates and Neil Patel’s of the world are a rarity. I can, however, make a difference Every Single Day in the life of my family… in the life of my clients… in the life of my team…and maybe even in the life of my neighbors & friends.

So, instead of reaching for the Hollywood Star, or something that is possibly unattainable, I think I will pull the telescope back to see closer to home. This does not mean that I stop trying to reach high goals. It simply means that I should take the time to also look around me. Pull the telescope off of the stars and see happy grown kids who are great parents to their own kids – that is a huge Win! That will impact the future of our world. How about the impact you and I have daily on our client’s work, which can impact our generation and generations to come more than we can imagine.

“Influence is a persuasive process. It doesn’t happen all at once. Influence is much more than giving a persuasive presentation. The process includes building relationships, understanding the perspectives of others and having clarity about what you want and what they want.

To integrate this process into your daily routine, think of every interaction you have as a touchpoint for current and future influence. “

– Amy Glass Forbes Councils Forbes Coaches Council

Perhaps nobody will ever know my name in 50 years, but those who come behind me will know that my sons and daughter are good, honest and helpful adults. They will see them raise their children to be amazing, good, honest and helpful adults who will go on to raise families of their own. My clients will receive incredible services from myself and my team. That could impact many for years to come. Do you ever consider the daily influence you have right now?

People are always watching what we do, online or in our homes. Those who see me daily and really KNOW me will hopefully say that I make a difference in their lives. They certainly make a difference in my life! I may never be a hugely successful business or influencer, but I know today, at least, I made a difference in someone’s life.

How about you? Who are you Influencing? Whose life are you making a difference in? Are you shooting for the stars, only to be disappointed because they seem too far out of reach? Refocus your view and see closer to where you are and where your world is today – right around you – who is there? Can you make a difference in one of their lives?

Do you strive to make a difference in lives of your clients? I strive to provide the very best services, going out of my way often to do so. I think my clients realize this and know that our company is doing our very best for them and helping them to grow. What are you doing for your clients that is making a difference today?

I would love your feedback and thoughts. As always I truly appreciate your reading and always appreciate comments.

Thanks and until next time – Bless someone today and make a difference in their life…

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