Where are the Business Mentors

Written by Tammy Durden

Business Mentoring

What has happened to Mentoring today?  Doesn’t it seem impossible to find a business mentor today?  So where are the business mentors?

Compare it to Parenting Mentors

When my children were small, I used to pray for other adults to come into their lives who could serve as a mentor.  I wanted this for them because we all know that there usually comes a time, in a teen’s life, when they no longer want to hear their parent’s advice.  I always wanted another like-minded adult, who they trusted & liked and who could serve as the person (when they didn’t want to go to Mom or Dad), whom they could seek advice, and receive wise counsel.  Admittedly, we were fortunate and did not have many problems with our teens (although not finished yet -one 16 yr old at home still), however, I do know that they were surrounded, by other adults they felt comfortable with and with who they could speak to when needed.  I recently pondered these things, when I was trying to make some business decisions and realized that now, I am the one in need of a mentor – a business mentor!  So, Where are all of the business mentors?  And where can I go to sign up for one?

Where Are They

I am finding that, as an entrepreneur, sometimes I would like to shoot an email, or pick up the phone and call…SOMEONE… who has had experience in what I am going through.  Yes, I am capable of making choices and decisions myself, but I also know that many highly successful people surround themselves with others who are knowledgeable or gifted even, in areas where they are weaker.  They are also able to seek wise counsel from them when needed.  These are Mentors!  And from my experience, albeit short, I find myself lacking in business mentors.

What Was I Thinking

There are just ‘those times, you know what I mean when maybe you have a sudden wave of “what in the world was I thinking?”, moment. Or even when we are at a crossroads, financial constraints, or the choices before we are clear, & we just need to bounce ideas off of another person who has been there.  It would help me tremendously to have a business mentor in my life.  Yet, I do not know any who has the time, or even someone who has had the same experiences that I am going through.  I would love to begin a community of business individuals who have experienced similar choices, problems, etc…, but have succeeded and made it to the other side (I know it is never easy, but they at least survived those first very difficult years!).  Networking meetings serve their purposes but certainly do not give you deep, mentoring takeaways, usually.

UPDATE (2023) On Online Community Mentors: I have found a wonderful community (years after this article was originally written) and I am actually a Mentor now in this community.  If you are looking for an amazing community and to up your skills this is the place to be.

Freelance University

This is an amazing place to learn, grow, and receive help!  And you get access to not one course – but EVERY Course – Certifications, Classes, Workshops, and more for one really low amazing fee. 

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The Search for A Business Mentor

So, I begin my search….for an entrepreneurial mentor (not a consultant who wants to assist me in business), but a person who is willing to take a minimal amount of time and just help…and pass along wisdom to another entrepreneur, listen when needed & have the willingness to share how they achieved their successes. Is that too much to ask?

How about you?  Do you have a business mentor?  A person you can call, who will give you non-biased counsel, and who is willing to share ideas, relationships, and knowledge.  If you do, be sure to cultivate and thank that person, so that you keep that relationship, because they are rare!  If not…why don’t we have coffee and talk about it?

Update: I did find out more information about business mentoring.  SCORE is a great place to connect with a business mentor and watch informational webinars (I have even done some webinars for them since this original writing).  I highly suggest watching some of the webinars and connecting with a Mentor to help you.

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