What’s Your Superpower?

Written by Tammy Durden

A Greeting on My Social Platform

I recently received a message on one of my social platforms thanking me for connecting with them. Yes, we all receive many of these a day, but this one was different.  Why? This one made me stop and not just hit the autopilot of  ‘Great to connect with you also. I’m looking forward to getting to know you…blah…blah…blah’.  Instead, this one read something like, “Thank you for connecting, my superpower is ________.  What is your superpower?”

How Do You Greet New Connections?

A simple greeting, but yet so different.  What made this one so special that I am taking the time to write about it?  There are a number of reasons why I think this one is different.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The main reason I loved this message is because it caused me to respond differently.  Not too many of these make us stop our ‘auto pilot’ thoughts to really consider our response.” quote=”The main reason I loved this message is because it caused me to respond differently.  Not too many of these make us stop our ‘auto pilot’ thoughts to really consider our response.” theme=”style1″]

Other Reasons I thought this one was worth writing to you:

  1. It was creative – it was clever and really showed that this person has some personality, not just the boring, same responses we are used to today.
  2. It caused me to think  – I really had to think, ‘what IS my superpower?’
  3. It actually helped me – By making me think about it and respond by sharing my  ‘superpower’, allowed me to come up with a creative & new way to word what I do in my response (and possibly in future promos – who knows? lol).
  4. Made an impact – obviously, it made an impact on me, enough to stop and write about it.
  5. Made me remember – it actually has me remembering what this person does. The way they worded the message, has caused me to remember that they help with financial matters – specifically, they help women.  That is more than I generally remember most times after sending my ‘half asleep’ automatic pilot responses.
  6. I spent more time on their message – it actually made me spend more time on their message than normal.  Not just rereading what they wrote, but then thinking about what my specific ‘superpower(s)’ was as well.

We Can Apply This Message to Our Business

Maybe you are asking, but how can I turn this into something I can use?  Obviously, we shouldn’t all start writing and asking others their superpower, that would be a little obvious, not to mention that it would be taking someone else’s idea.  Instead, why not think of a creative way to word your greeting while introducing what you do to others.  You do not have to say you have a superpower, but maybe you can say that you are a ‘wizard at finding tax savings for businesses’, or that you are a ‘Monster Geek at techie software’…  I am not sure what your’s will be, but I hope it will be different the next time.

It’s not about what your superpower is necessarily, but more about how interesting you make it sound to others. 

Are you engaging, creative while explaining what you do?  Can you give a clear description that is also unique and causes others to want to stop what they are doing and look further at what you are doing (or even stop and write an article about it)?

Remember, do not just use this technique for writing an introductory message, but also when you write blogs and content.  Keeping it entertaining and exciting, who could turn away?

I would love to hear what your superpower is and how creatively you will be wording it now.

I thought I would share my response to the message that made me stop in my tracks.  Another reason I loved it is that, in the end, I think it also made me be more creative in my explanation. Possibly creative enough that I might use it again:

“My Superpower is encouraging & empowering women to fulfill their calling and go after their dreams! I do this in a number of ways.

1. I own a Virtual Business Services company. My Team and I provide Digital Marketing (social media, content, email marketing+), Virtual Assistant Services, Writing Services & Bookkeeping Services through Tammy’s Office Solutions.

Part of our mission in Tammy’s Office Solutions is to: ‘Empower Disabled Professionals & Mothers of Disabled Children to Work from Home’!

I love what I do.

2. My latest launch and second way I use my superpower is through Fearless Boss Babes with Tammy – offering Coaching, Programs and more. Through this company, I equip & empower women to find the confidence & courage to become Fearless Boss Babes and live their dreams!”

So, how do you think I did with my superpower?  What is yours? List it in the comments below, I would love to see them!

I wanted to give a shout out to the one who sent me the, ‘What is Your Superpower?’ message, thanks to Robin Samuels for sparking my creativity!

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