Tips For Optimizing Your Landing Page

Written by Tammy Durden

Optimizing Your Landing Page

Guest Post by: Kaylee White

When customers or potential customers visit your website, what do they find and what do they “get” for their time? Well, if you have a website that’s maximized for conversion, then you have some actions that those people can execute. They may, for example, sign up to get an e-newsletter (and in the process, perhaps, get a discount). They might find a product and want a quote for it. They might download something such as an e-book, or they might just create an account so that you can capture their information.

Those are all conversions — both macro and micro — and they’re all examples of how businesses can use a website in order to make sure that they are optimizing their chance not just for lead generation but for conversion to a paid customer. What else do you need to know about optimizing your website? This graphic helps to explain it.

 3 Key Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation 


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A Special Thank you to Kaylee White and Salesforce for reaching out to us to post this great information. Thank you, our readers, and please feel free to comment and ask questions! We love to hear from you.

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