The Power Of SEO Blogging

Written by Tammy Durden

Writing Blogs rich with SEO (search engine optimization) features is a powerful way for a business to gain traffic. Creating consistent blog content is one piece of a successful marketing plan. We all know we should blog, but do we know why, do we understand the benefits?  Let me share 7 benefits that explain the power of SEO Blogging for business.

7 Benefits of the Power of SEO Blogging

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Build Your Audience
  3. Build Your List
  4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  5. Create a Safe Place for Your Audience
  6. Helps To Establish Your Authority
  7. Helps Create Content For Your Email Marketing

1. Brand Awareness

Building your brand awareness is an integral part of any marketing plan today. Brand awareness involves putting the brand & everything involved with a brand (logo, colors, message, etc.) in front of an audience. Hopefully, the audience is full of the brand’s prospective ideal clients.

Ways awareness can also spread include but are not limited to sharing content on the brand’s:

  • Social Media platforms
  • Podcasts – Your Own or as a Guest
  • Videos – Creating ‘vlogs’ (video blogs) or as a guest on someone’s video
  • Webinars – Whether doing your own or participating in someone else’s
  • Write Guest Blogs for other sites
  • Writing Blogs or Articles on the brand’s own website.

2. Build Your Audience

Blogging can be a quick and easy way to build an audience. Writing articles that speak directly to your ideal client (your audience) should not only include keywords (I will discuss the specific type later) but should also include one of the following…

  • ‘How To’ information
  • Tips on Various Topics
  • Helpful
  • Answer Questions

Your audience is already looking for this information. It is a simple yet significant way to build the brand’s audience. The audience should be attracting the brand’s prospective clients. Yet another reason why SEO blogging is powerful.

3. Build Your List

The power of SEO blogging is that it also helps to build your list. The articles published on the website, if linked properly, will help your email marketing. It should have a way for the reader to ‘opt-in’ and thereby build your email list! This also means you must write to attract the correct audience for this to be effective.

Knowing Your Ideal Prospective Client is Key to Creating Content that Will Help You Attract the Right Audience. Which Will In Turn Build Your Client Base.


We all know that our email marketing lists are Gold and a huge part of most brands marketing systems. The email list is often how most of us attract the majority of our clients or sell our products. Having email marketing lists and consistent campaigns is essential to the survival of most business owners.

So Why Aren’t You Writing?

Knowing ALL of this, why are you still not writing? Oh, I know, you feel you do not write well enough to publish online. Wait, how about this one: You just do not have enough time to do all of this? Maybe it’s because you feel you do not know enough to do this effectively. Guess what? You can hire a contracted team or team member (also known as a freelancer) to write articles for you. You can give them topics and the long-tail keywords (see ‘SEO section of this article) you want to be used in the articles. Today hiring a freelance writer is not that expensive. It may cost you as low as $50 an article, or mid-range around $80, or up to $379 per month depending on how often you want them to deliver articles or post your blog per month. [Keep in mind, that we often get what we pay for so please ask for examples, samples, or other client articles you may view prior to bringing them on your team.]


I love sharing resources with my clients and empowering them to start their businesses, work more efficiently, and/or grow their businesses. So, I thought I would share a few resources to help you find a freelance writer if you need one.

Quality Freelance Blog Writers
  • InEssence Virtual Assistance – I can personally vouch for this company. Nanette, the owner, and I have known one another for years and have partnered together on projects. She and her team provide quality work and know the value of doing SEO Blogging for their clients.
Other Blog Writer Options

These resources for freelance bloggers are simply from my research for the purposes of this article. I do not necessarily endorse or recommend them.

  • Contentfly – Says it uses AI algorithms paired with top Freelance writers.
  • SurferSEO – Through their service, you can hire a freelancer individually and agree upon terms. They charge by the word and have a directory of freelancers to choose from.
  • Verblio – Has freelance writers to write your blog posts starting at $34.95 each (micro blogs) for 300 words and a wide range of pricing, including up to 1,000 words for $119.95 each. [Note minimum order = $104.85]

4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a part of digital marketing in itself. Much of which can be much more strategic and difficult to figure out. Why not use a very powerful and easy way to help you get noticed online? Yes, one of the biggest benefits, of course, and the power behind SEO blogging is that it can significantly impact your website’s traffic. It can also impact your company’s overall SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.

“In other words, by practicing SEO Blogging the brand often shows up more often and better in search engines like Google.”

The Power of SEO Blogging

“A good approach to this is through simple easy to use research and tools. And knowing the keyword(s) that prospective clients will use to find the services and/or products offered. Be mindful of not always using the top searched words, especially if just starting out, as it could be difficult to rank in those. Often using keywords that are lower in the number of searches can help us land the higher ranks. It must be balanced.”

To learn more about SEO Blogging: “A Quick Easy Way to The Top of Search Engines”

It is especially helpful when the writer practices using long-tail keywords within the article and in the backend SEO tools (I recommend YoastSEO plugin for WordPress). This can attract even more readers and followers to your audience.

What is a Long-tail keyword?

“Long-tail keywords are keywords that don’t get searched as much as other, more popular terms; usually, because they are very specific. Most long-tail keywords are at a minimum, three words long. However, length itself doesn’t define whether a keyword is considered long-tail or not. Long-tail keywords are usually much easier to rank for than general keywords, which are sometimes called “head keywords.”

Semrush Blog

Using this technique helps your website begin to rank higher on search engines.

Another Authority’s Definition

Long-tail keywords are more specific and less common than other keywords. They focus more on a niche. The term long-tail keyword comes from the book ‘The Long Tail’ by Chris Anderson. In this book, Chris Anderson shows that there’s a market for virtually any product. And although this market is really, really small in some cases, the vastness of the internet makes your niche product or blog post profitable nonetheless.”

Marieke van de Rakt CEO of Yoast SEO

The Bottom Line: We all want more traffic, more people who need our help to see our websites. The power of SEO Blogging is that it has the ability to get more eyes on your website. More eyes on your website translates to more conversations or sales = revenue for your company!

5. Create A Safe Place For Your Audience

You probably already see the benefits of blogging but keep in mind that you are always speaking to your readers. You want your readers to be those who would be possible clients or customers. By writing often, hitting on topics that interest them, and offering tips and help their pain points you are creating a safe place for your audience. If the audience feels safe they will likely share the article, like, and possibly comment on it. If they feel comfortable enough to do these things then you have probably created a safe place for them.

6. Helps To Establish Your Authority

An important factor to remember as you write is that blogging also helps to establish your authority in your industry and especially in your niche. The more you put out there for your audience to consume, the more they begin to envision you as the specialist and authority.

7. Helps Create Content For Your Email Marketing

Lastly do not discount the content element of SEO Blogging. By writing a number of articles each month you then can turn around and use part of your article for an introduction to your email marketing campaign. Simply tie in a short transition to the article.

Call To Action Buttons

KEY FACTOR: To help your Email Marketing remember to add your CTA (Call to Action) Button(s). You write articles ON Your Website because you want to draw your ideal audience to your website so they can see how you can help relieve their pain points. You want to get them onto your website.

Therefore when you introduce your latest blog to your readers in your email marketing campaign, make sure you add a ‘Read More’ button. This will draw the reader in and take them to your article on your website.

Once you have the reader on the website do not forget to add links (within the article and even at the bottom of the blog) that lead back to specific services you offer or to other helpful articles you have written (on your website – keep them on your website).

Remind Reader of Your Services or Product

Lastly, add a link to a service or product you offer that will help answer the problem you just discussed in the article. For example, if you discuss ways to successfully email market using your list, then add a link at the bottom to your email marketing services. The reason we do this is because as much we help the reader, many will want and need additional assistance. Many do not have time to do whatever it is you have helped them to understand more (email marketing for example) and they will want you to do it for them because in their eyes you have exhibited expertise in this area.

For products, it can be slightly different but the approach is still the same. The product you offer should provide a simplistic way to address their problem. No matter if it is a product, service, or software do not forget to give the reader a link to that service, product, or software at the bottom of the blog.


This is how you can position the Power of SEO Blogging! If you need help with strategy, give me a call – I am a business & marketing coach and will be glad to help. If you need implementation, please see my recommended bloggers above.

Whether you need a new marketing plan, a marketing reboot, or just a bit of training in this area I am happy to help you.

Thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate it.

Until next time here’s To Your Continued Success!

Business & Marketing Coach

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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