The Most Common Question I Hear

Written by Tammy Durden

As A Business Coach

“I’m Overwhelmed, Where (or how) Do I Begin?,” is what I most commonly hear when as a business coach when clients want to start or scale. It can be overwhelming as there are many tasks to complete with any change.

When starting your business or when trying to scale your business it can seem overwhelming. I hope this article will help calm your overwhelm. Whether you are a new Freelancer or if you are growing your business this is the most popular question/comment I hear during client coaching sessions.

Stuck In Overwhelm

This or some form of it is where we often get STUCK.
This really is more common than you think even for those who have been in business for Years! Anytime we come to a place of change or transition it is normal to stop and consider what is next.

Right after we do this, often we become overwhelmed thinking about all that we need to do to make it happen (in our viewpoint).

How To Calm The Overwhelm

1. Brainstorming – with a Mentor, Colleague, or Friend who understands the industry can really help. Sitting down and talking through all of those thoughts that are racing around in your mind can truly help you focus and start your next step.

2. Brain Dump – I use this frequently as it helps me to get out of my own head and really put something down on paper or in my digital notes all of the thoughts that are floating around up there. When I take the time to do this I often find common themes throughout the notes I’ve recorded. This, in turn, helps me to know the direction I really want to go.

Recognize & Understand

3. Recognizing We Are Stuck – Sometimes we just feel ‘off’ or are not sure what is wrong. Recognizing that we are stuck or in a rut (in need of change) or realizing that we are not enjoying what we are doing. Then it is time to take some action.

4. Understanding that Business is a Journey – It does not stay the same. Business often takes us along for the ride! The market changes, clients’ needs change, and our skills change as we learn more. Remembering this can help you to recognize those times when your business is ready to transition, change, or scale.

Check First, Then Dive In

5. Double-check that It Isn’t Personal – I look at the whole person in regard to business. It is getting more and more difficult to separate personal and business online but often we do not take into account just how much our personal lives can influence how we manage and feel about our business. So double-check that there isn’t anything going on in your personal life that could be affecting how you are reacting and responding right now. IF there is, you may want to wait before making any significant changes unless they are absolutely necessary. Sometimes they can push us out of our comfort zone which can be a good thing, but first make sure you are in the right mindset for a big change in work.

6. Don’t Jump Right Away – Take small steps at first, testing the water (so to speak) before jumping fulling in. In other words, do not change your entire business structure because one client wants you to do social media while you have been doing writing only. Sometimes we need to know whether we will enjoy the ‘new thing’ (that clients need) before we transition our entire business and start adding a team. Make sure you have a mentor, colleague, or someone who can really help you sort it out to be sure you are ready to start a business or scale (or transition) your business. After testing the water at first and liking it then dive all the way in! :D

7. Start With A Plan – After you have determined that you want to move forward and this is what your business needs, then please start with a good plan. Not simply a business plan, but also financial, marketing, launch plans, etc.

Remember WHY

Remember WHY you are taking this action.

Lastly, I only add to please use all of FreeU resources!!! We have so many gems within our learning portals. From workshops to certifications. From FB Lives to the Resource Center, you can find nearly all you need within it. And if you still have questions, feel overwhelmed, or are not sure you are ready to ‘dive in’ then talk to the community. I’m pretty sure you know already how great this group is. We are here to help if you get stuck or feel overwhelmed.

Are you making any changes in 2022?

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