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And WELCOME To: Fearless Mastermind Group Coaching Program

My Story - Tammy Durden - business coach

I am so EXCITED You Are Joining Us!

So you are probably saying ‘what’s next’ about now.  Let me tell you what to expect.

  1. You will receive a Facebook Group invitation from Tammy to join the group.
  2. Please add a post in the group introducing yourself and your business as well as your niche or services offered.
  3. You will be added to the Calendar via email (please accept this and say ‘yes’ to attending). It is a recurring event that will be on your calendar each week and contains the ZOOM LINK to join us on Fridays.

Have fun and feel free to post, ask questions, interact, and more within the group throughout the week.

If you have any questions please reach out via

Thank you again for subscribing to this invitation-only group coaching – I think you are a great fit and I look forward to seeing you there!