Starting A Business – Step Three: Processes, Systems & Manuals (4 of 5)

Written by Tammy Durden

Finishing Line Close

The series, ‘Steps to Starting a Business’ is nearing the finish line. This is very exciting, as it means that your business has or is close to being ready also.  After digging into the overall ‘How to’ with the very beginning stages.  Continuing on with the documents for the type of business you are starting, then on to filing papers with the State and/or Government. This takes us to nearly opening the proverbial doors (whether brick and mortar or online).   Starting a business, step four is all about setting up processes, systems & manuals! This will be split into two articles because there is so much that can be said about this topic.

Implementing the items already discussed paired with all of those great ideas that have been swimming around in your head, are going to create a dream come true business!

Oh, Nooooo Say It Isn’t So…

Just a few things remain to discuss.  The need to set up a good clean web site, as well as, putting processes and systems into place.  Not to mention, creating a manual, which should lead to a very ready business.

Yet, I can hear someone now, gritting your teeth, as the heat of anxiety started in your feet, rushing all the way up to your head, is shouting out: ‘Nooooo! Say it isn’t So!’

Not all parts of ‘doing’ business will be fun all of the time, even if you are working on your passion. You may be one who truly enjoys order, so this may come very easily to you. While others are in terror at the thought of putting systems & processes into place.  There are, however, the ‘must do’s’ in business and this is one of them. Do not become overwhelmed, it is not as difficult a many think.  There are even templates that can assist in walking you through.  This is also a good time to mention an Assistant or Virtual Professionals, as many have the expertise in doing documents and helping you set up the structure; especially if it is a weak area in your life.

Where Do I Begin? 

When unsure where to begin, an outline and a template is the best option.  There are many online you may purchase, but Microsoft Word has some nice document templates that can work for you as well.  Keep in mind, this will only be a template and will need specific information regarding the business.  You will especially want to think about the following:

  • The Amount of Money You are Investing (& any other Investors)
  • The Customer Avatar
    • Ideal Customer
    • Where they ‘hang’ out online (or in-person if networking)
    • Interests
    • Amount of money they usually spend
  • A Marketing Plan
    • Online Marketing
      • Social Media Curated & Created Posting
      • Social Platform Ads
    • Printed Marketing
      • Business Cards
      • Flyers
      • Brochures
    • Media
      • Radio
      • TV
  • Projections for the next 5 years
    • Projected Budget
      • Projected Revenue
      • Projected Expenses
      • Future Employee Expenses
        • Salaries
        • Benefits
        • Training
    • Projected Cost to Obtain Clients
    • Projected Cost to Keep Clients
  • Goals For Continued Growth

[This is is just an overview of some of the items you will want to include in a Business Plan, Systems/Processes, and Manuals.]

When you choose a template, if you find it either limiting or too broad, there are many online resources to choose from.  Be sure to do your research, including looking up site reviews before purchasing document templates online.  Again, this may be a good opportunity to outsource the full preparation of these documents.  Contracting a business writer, virtual assistant, or other virtual professionals that can be of help, is always a good idea if it is a weak area.  I advise you to also hire a website developer if you are not knowledgeable in this area.  Sometimes, it is appropriate to hire a Virtual Professional, whether a VA (virtual assistant) or another professional who specializes in WordPress and is very capable of doing a site for you, more reasonably priced than a Web Designer who codes.

There is so much on this topic alone to discuss that I will continue it in the next article coming this week.  See 2 of 2 later in the week to discuss some specific systems, processes, and manuals to help in business.

As always, I appreciate your readership so much. Saying thank you is not enough, so do not forget to grab one of my gifts checklist.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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