Staying Motivated In Your Online Business

Written by Tammy Durden

It can be lonely as an online service provider. This also means that it can be difficult to stay motivated in your online business.

You may naturally be self-motivated but not everyone is that fortunate. So, let me share how I stay motivated in my online business as a fifty-something (ahem) disabled woman.

As an online service provider to others, it is important to stay motivated for several reasons. Let me share a few of those.

If you want to help others you need to be able to bring energy and motivation. As I help others and encourage them I know that I must first plug into a source that motivates me. If I am energized to get up and do my work whether I ‘feel’ like it or not (I do not mean if I am having a physically challenging day due to the MS, not that my emotions are simply like: ‘ugh do I need to get up and do this right now?’ type day) then I am also able to help motivate my clients.

I love working for myself, don’t you? If you want to continue to have to have a business you must be self-motivated. That is not always easy but it must be done. Nobody else is going to be ‘that’ person for you all of the time.

I know I want and need to keep my business moving forward and upward. That will not happen by my giving up and being unmotivated. It will only happen if I am taking actions to propel it forward. You need to be motivated to take that action daily to move your business forward.

You are not doing anyone any good by not doing anything. This is true, especially with yourself. The more you give up and lay down, the more you sink in and the harder it is to pull yourself up and out. It’s like a black hole that wants to swallow you whole.

You may have people in your life who you count on to pull you up and out of it but not everyone does and even those others cannot be there all the time every time. If you are a business owner you know it is hard work so please don’t give up!

Here is a list of ten things (I probably could have listed many more) that help me stay motivated and in the right mindset for my business. They may not work for you but you need to decide what helps to pick up your mood and then motivate you.

  1. Prayer (meditation)
  2. Scripture Reading (inspired writing)
  3. Bible Study (or take a course)
  4. Music
  5. Dance
  6. Go Out With A Friend
  7. Reach Out to An Understanding Colleague or Friend
  8. Speak With Your Coach or Counselor
  9. Attend a Local Networking Event
  10. Reading About Inspirational People
  11. Reading Good and Inspiring Quotes
  12. Remember Your Why
  13. Count Your Blessings
  14. Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

I want to explain why these items help me and maybe it will spark something for you to use when you need to get motivated as well.

As a Christian, this should be the first thing I do always! Yet, I do not always do that first, I admit, unfortunately. I pray all day long it is conversations with God, however, we need to also have those dig in deep moments with Him as well. When we lack motivation that is a time to dig in with Him.

Perhaps you participate in prayer, but if you do not it truly helps. There have been studies on it. If you’re opposed to trying prayer you could read up on and try meditation.

Another item that helps me is scripture (The Bible). I do a devotional in the morning (I honestly admit I wish I could say every single day but there are days I miss). I know, for me, it helps to set my mindset right as well as contributes to having a focus for the day when I do it first thing in the morning.

If you are opposed to this you could use inspired writings or use whatever your religion/denomination encourages you to use.

Again, for a Believer it is necessary to stay connected to the Lord. Many of us do this through several ways and one of those is bible study. I enjoy doing them and digging deeper into the word of God. I often use a written study by someone but I also like to write bible studies when I’m able and record my thoughts about the verses and book of scripture.

For you, this may not work, however, you can pick up a book that is inspirational or motivating for business. There are so many to choose from. I encourage you to try it.

Yes, this Southern Baptist Preacher’s Wife loves to dance around to praise music. I used to put it on loud in our home when the children were small and we would have a good ole’ dance party praising God.

Simply getting up and moving around helps but there is something that happens in our mood and mindset when we dance.

Dancing can improve your mood while you learn, move, and perform. In fact, many people take dance classes because they put them in a good mood. Ease depression and anxiety.”


Often getting out of the house and out of your head will help. I suggest calling a friend and going to grab lunch or dinner together. Having someone to talk to can make a huge difference in your motivation and mood.

A similar option is to reach out to a colleague for motivation. This is because they will understand your struggle. A colleague or other business owner knows what it is like to struggle in business or to be unmotivated. Having a listening ear from someone who knows how you feel can help you.

A very important process should be to contact and speak with your business coach when you feel a lack of motivation. Ask them to do a call, visit, or Zoom meeting to help you get over this motivational hump. Your business coach will understand and will often have ideas of how you can move forward through it and not only help you get through it but to also excel on the other side.

If you are depressed, unable to get out of bed due to how ‘feel’ or extremely emotional or even despondent please reach out to a counselor, pastor, minister, or mental health professional. Do not assume you can simply get yourself motivated again as sometimes we all need deeper, more professional help. Be willing to get that help, please.

[Please see the disclaimer* at the end of this article.]

As I said getting out of the house can often help in itself, however, when you are able you should also try to attend local networking events. This has a double effect on your motivation. It forces you to get out and makes you talk about your business with others. This can be great for your motivation and your business.

Attending a networking event can also spark new ideas and help breathe life back into you and your business.

You know I like reading scripture but I also enjoy reading stories about inspirational people. Reading how they’ve overcome their challenges encourages you. It also makes you think, “if they can do it with their circumstances, then I can certainly do it.” What better way to increase your motivation?

If you do not have time to invest in reading an entire inspiring story try Googling “inspiring quotes”. They are usually by people we mere humans consider “Great.” I say that jokingly because (as a Christian) I believe that in God’s eyes (through Christ) we are Princes and Princesses; adopted by Him into His Kingdom through Christ’s blood. Nonetheless, looking up inspiring quotes can encourage and motivate us to do more and be more. Not to mention they can make for great posts on social media. <wink>

Lastly and perhaps most important related to your business (for me God comes first in all), is to remember your why. Why did you start your business? A why can change over the years so have you revisited it and really asked yourself again, why?

Taking a real look at your reason for your business and what you hope to accomplish in it and through it can be enough to make you get up and to motivate you. Keep it posted in front of you when you work to stay on top of being motivated.

It may sound silly to some but stopping your mind’s spiraling to think of the blessings (or positive and good things) in your life can help. Sit down and write out a list of all of these things in your life. Keep it close by so you can regularly add to the list. Before you know it you’ll need another piece of paper.

By surrounding yourself with positive versus negative people you help to boost not only your motivation but also your confidence and more. We should always seek out positive people in life and business.

It is also well known that you should seek out those most like you want to be in the future. Seeking to surround yourself also with others who can lift you up rather than put you down. By networking with and hanging around people you most desire be like it helps keep your mind motivated to continue working on your goals and building you up. Thereby also helping you stay motivated.

It’s not always easy to be self-motivated and at times we need to take action to help us once again be motivated to work in and on our business. Whether you are easily motivated or not we all need a pick-me-up now and then.

Where are you today? Are you motivated and ready to dig in and work on your business? Or are you feeling a bit down* and unmotivated then try some of these tips to get motivated again?

If I can help you with anything please let me know.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

*Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional and only share these tips that have helped me personally. If you are more than unmotivated and are feeling emotional, depressed, unable to get out of bed, etc. please reach out to a mental health professional as it may be more complicated and may require other help.

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