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Written by Tammy Durden

Seeking Knowledge – Always Learning

Reading, Seeking & Absorbing Information

I am always reading, looking for new information and new ways to learn.  When I was younger, I did not think I enjoyed learning, yet, as a business owner, I have found it necessary and, yes, even enjoy seeking knowledge now.  Owning a business, especially one that helps clients with social media, I find I Must continue to learn.  I think it first began because I was seeking answers and ways to run my unusual company. Eight years ago, Virtual Assistants were becoming a little more known (not much, but a little), yet Virtual Business Service providers were not. Today, we are still educating the public through our site, social media, and more.  I suppose you could say that offering virtual business services is simply another way to say it is a specialty VA. Either way, I knew, then and even now, that I needed more information than I began with when starting my business.

In search of knowledge…

I do not think being ‘good’ in school matters when it comes to the type of learning a business owner does.  A business owner learns in a number of ways, at least in my experience.

  1. Colleagues – Peers or colleagues add a great amount of value to any business owner. You are a ‘like’ group of people who usually share knowledge with one another. Where you may be lacking in one area, a colleague may be able to offer a suggestion. And where a colleague may not know an answer, you may be able to help. This can be done in Networking groups, in person, or online. It can also be a group of people who work together for the same employer. There are many types of groups and many more ways they form (ie: sport in common, topics, employment, shared child’s events, etc…).
  2. Reading – I think most entrepreneurs would say that this is the most common way they learn.  We often absorb so much information through the internet, blogs, articles in online magazines, ebooks, and more. Whether we read the full article or post, we still have taken away from them.
  3. Email – There is no end to emails shared with us, as business owners. Many trying to sell us something, but sometimes, even in the pushy, sales emails, you can find golden nuggets of truth. Facts or links to great articles, that enlighten us to the newest social trend or latest poll about political opponents.
  4. eLearning – This is an area that is currently exploding. eLearning is simply a way of learning from online courses.  These courses usually lead to a certification or even a degree. Many of the most prestigious colleges are on board now, with some offering FREE courses. Now do not think you will earn a free degree, as they may offer the first few in degree program free, but as you get further into the program, there is usually a cost involved. We even have specific Industry eLearning Centers online now.  eLearning companies directed toward a specific industry group.

I am sure there are many other ways we learn, but I have found these to be how I usually learn.  I would love to hear some of the ways you learn and where you find the best sources also.  Feel free to share in the comments.  I will also put a list at the bottom of some of my favorites.

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Keep learning, as most successful people continue seeking out ways to learn.  Are you actively seeking out ways to learn?  What did you learn today?

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