One Little Secret To Success

Written by Tammy Durden

A Sweet Secret That Many Don’t Take Advantage Of, Do You?

Today I was reminded of something I learned long ago that can really be the means to success. What is this secret that can help us create success? Answer: FOLLOW-UP – FOLLOW-UP – FOLLOW-UP! Follow-up is one little secret to success that has helped me over the years. Do you take the time to do this one little secret that could mean success for you?

Do you realize how many people do not follow up with potential clients? They are losing clients by not following up so please do not make this mistake too!

My Story

You may have heard me discuss how I started in this wonderful virtual world over 13+ Years ago.

[Please forgive me if you have heard this but if not I hope it can INSPIRE you to do this one thing today – Follow Up with a prospective client. ]

I began working in the virtual industry by helping a client with lead generation and virtual assistant work way back then. Apparently, I was pretty good with cold calling businesses and making appointments as people began requesting my information from the one client I had at that time.

My Reason For Success

Looking back, the biggest reason I was so successful boiled down to three things that still apply to all Freelancers today:

1. Perseverance

2. Follow Up Consistently (with good notes in front of you)

3. A good script (or email template)

All of these were important, but the most important of these was follow-up!

Why am I stressing follow-up when many of us do not do lead generation?

Because it holds true for all of us regardless of our niche today. Whether you are a VA, Marketing Freelancer, Graphic Designer, or another type of freelancer or virtual professional, follow up is key to gaining success = gaining clients. The three reasons I had success then will help you to also have success today.

Of course, I still practice follow-up today. I wanted to share some of my tactics and techniques for following up with prospective clients in hope that it will help you with yours.

How do I follow up with a prospective client?

Tips for Following Up:

1. Keep GOOD NOTES – always take notes while speaking with prospective clients in your digital notebook or an old-school notebook. Where you will easily be able to find and follow it. If you have a CRM system it is best to keep all notes regarding prospective clients in it.

2. Reach Out Again Within 24 Hours – After I speak with a prospective client I send a follow-up the same day (or within 24 hrs) thanking them for their time and indicating any personal notes (hope they will feel better soon if have a cold or similar). Also, Recap the next action to take place whether in your hands or theirs in this email.

Follow-up communication

More Follow-Up Tips:

3. Complete Any Action Requested – If anything was requested during your conversation make sure you complete this action in a timely manner. This could be a proposal or pricing information, etc. Email the information with a note of the next action to be taken. If it is to sign a contract or proposal to begin the onboarding process with you make sure you tell them what is expected.

4. All Communication With Your Potential Client Should Be Noted – Just as you should keep good notes you should also take good notes during all conversations. This should include information about work they are requesting as well as personal things discussed. Personal can include a child celebrating a birthday next week or perhaps they were ill for example when you spoke with them. Then the next time you reach out ask them about it. It helps to build the relationship further & shows them you pay attention to details. It also begins to build up care toward your client (or potential client).

“Follow-ups ought to be done on a consistent basis. Why? Because you want to build relationships with prospects and ensure they know what your business is all about. “


Follow-Up Tips By The Week:

5. One Week after your meeting – if have not heard anything definitive send another email keeping it light (only a few sentences at most) saying you are ‘touching base’. Remind them you are thinking of them. Also ask if they had any other questions (about the contract you sent or the discussion you had, etc).

6. Three to Four Weeks after meeting – reach out and let them know you were able to still onboard but no guarantee that you will have room after 30 days of when you sent the contract for them. You might also add that you would really enjoy working with them and do not want to fill the place you have reserved for them (or similar).

7. Six to Eight Weeks – Add the prospective client to your regular email list. Send a note saying again how nice it was to meet/speak with them last month (or 2 months ago). Let them know you will no longer ‘bother’ them or continue to wait for their paperwork but that they will stay updated through your newsletter. Important note be sure your site notes that by submitting the form (where the ‘contact form’ is located) you have this disclaimer. End nicely, stating that should they need you in the future please reach out.

*A Couple Of Things To Note About Follow-Up:

#1- They almost always will respond long before Follow-up #7 is needed.

#2 – Adjust your follow-up practices as needed to fit your situation and your prospective clients.

#3 – This is a general overview of how to follow up with potential clients, every situation can vary.

#4 – Although there are no guarantees it is very likely if all things are equal (price, temperament, and that they are the right client for you) these follow-up steps are often a very successful (high percentage) way to gain clients.

Final Comments

You can set yourself apart from all of the others by using these following up tips with your prospective clients. If you do, you will be sure to stand out to all of your prospective clients. And THAT may make all the difference.

Now all you need to do is attract those potential clients!

Do you follow up with prospective clients?

I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions or need additional help with your business or marketing please reach out to us.

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