Scale Your Business by Outsourcing

Written by Tammy Durden

I recently had the pleasure of presenting another webinar for SCORE. This is a great organization that helps entrepreneurs and startups by offering webinars, online conferences, and even mentors. The FREE Webinar I presented was ‘Scale Your Business Through Outsourcing‘. One great way to scale our business is through outsourcing options.

Webinar High Points

There were numerous great questions. I wished we had the time to answer all of them. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • What Types of Services Can Be Outsourced
  • Why You Need to Outsource
  • Determining If You Are Ready to Outsource
  • Discerning Where You Need Help
  • Prioritizing Which Services You Need First
  • Important Factors to Consider
  • 1099 Employee/Contractor vs. Employee
  • What to Look for in & Where to Find a Virtual Professional
  • How Much You Will Pay for a New Team Member
  • Managing Your Team Putting Processes & Systems in Place
  • Possible Workflow Examples

I really enjoyed giving the webinar and helping others be more informed. If there had been more time I could have gone into more depth. There is so much related to Outsourcing. Key topics above, but could have also discuss the IRS rules related to a 1099 Employee. Another meaty topic is Project Management and it can be used to manage a Team. Not to mention details for interviewing a virtual professional. That is a good reason why you can use a company like our’s to help you. When a business partners with us, I Manage my Team, if desired, to take additional stress off of the business owner.

What Services Can You Outsource

Some of the Most Popular Services to Outsource:

  • Administrative (Virtual Assistant)
  • Social Media Posting, Management, Ads
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Designer
  • CRM Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Digital Marketing (Social Media, Email Marketing, Blog Writing)
  • Online Business Management (OBM)
  • Tech Specialist
  • Online Marketing Specialist (Automations)
  • Processes & Systems Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Event Specialist
  • Podcasting Specialist
  • Bookkeeping

And there are many more, limited only by imagination and ingenuity. Whatever you need to help with can usually be given to a contractor.

I hope you will watch the replay when you get the opportunity. There are many more details within this webinar so I really encourage you, especially if considering hiring a contractor (1099 Employee) and outsourcing some of your work. It goes into detail also about Why you Should Hire a Virtual Professional.

First SCORE Opportunity

The most recent webinar was actually my second one given. In 2017 I also presented a Free Webinar on ‘The Changing Roles of Virtual Assistants’. This was highly received and many signed up to be added to my list. I still receive inquiries regarding my services from some who watched that webinar nearly 2 years ago. I’m always grateful for any watching, but also feel these are important topics to bring to business owners.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, simply click on the pop-up form and fill it out and you will automatically be added. Hope to see you there!

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