Quarantine Changes Everything

Written by Tammy Durden

Changes to our daily lives and businesses

We have all been impacted by the quarantine and daily living does not and may not look the same for quite a while yet. Why are we then so surprised that running our business has also changed. Balancing work & life is not easy, especially at the moment. Quarantine changes everything! Do we allow it to affect everything? I certainly hope not. It is so important to take note of the ways we can help ourselves, our families, and our businesses.


We have to do our best, however, to continue bravely on if we want our business to thrive, not just survive.


Helpful Tips to Make it Through

  1. Mindfulness – It is taking more time for everyone to process things lately. This is to be expected, as our lives have been turned upside down! Give yourself Grace & Time to allow yourself the ability to take it in and breathe at times. Read positive and inspiring stories to help counteract the negative news feed.
  2. Set Daily Goals – Just because we do not remember the day of the week and it is all running together, does not mean we cannot set goals for each day. Calendar blocking is a great way to do this. Block off time for each task or item you want to accomplish each day. Leave room for meetings with prospective clients as well. You will feel more organized and at the end of the day, satisfied as you accomplish your work.
  3. Managing with a Team -Remember to check in with your team and see how they are doing and where their thoughts are as well. Everyone has family and friends affected. It is important that you are communicating and telling them you appreciate them, especially during this time.
  4. New Client Expectations – I’ve noticed that some clients have gotten a little ‘needier’ while others have dropped off. As much as our families, team, and others are going through difficulties so are our clients. Many are used to networking in person or going to physical meetings. Some are even losing clients and trying to attract new clients online.
    You may want to see if they would like to meet more often if possible or help them meet the challenges they are facing at the moment. Stay connected with them so you know what they need at this time.

“Letting your customers guide your crisis strategy ensures that you’re providing products and services people want. Plus, it allows you to continue to market and connect with your customers even when they’re not coming into your store.”


5. Processes & Procedures – during times like this it is especially important to have processes & procedures in place. This helps us not fall back on habit, but on procedures that are in place and we (& our team) can follow daily. This also gives our clients confidence and consistency in our work. When our world is upside down, we tend to go with a habit formed whether it is right or not. If, however, we have all of our processes written down and recorded as well as the systems we use, then we can simply follow the steps, rather than have to think through everything (helping to free up our mind).

These are just a handful of tips that are helping me during this time. I hope they can help you as well. Staying brave and safe have become our closing goodbyes when we communicate with others. Another sign the times have changed.

Questions for You

What are some ways you have changed in doing business at the moment?

What are you struggling with most at the moment?

Thank you for stopping by I always appreciate it. Please stay safe out there as the quarantines are lifted.

Tammy S Durden

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