Produce Unique Content Consistently

Written by Tammy Durden

We all know content is king. Yet why do we struggle to produce it? This article will help you as you set out to produce unique content consistently.

Defining Unique Content

Before getting into the specifics of unique content production you know how much I love to define terms, so here it is:

Unique content is online marketing terminology that refers to original blog and website content that’s different from other sites. In other words, unique content is not copied from another blog, online forum, social media platform, or any other website type.

That doesn’t mean your content isn’t unique if you got inspiration from someone else’s ideas or you approach a well-known topic from a different angle.


Why Do You Need To Produce Content

The reason you need to produce content, in general, is because this is how the online world will find you. In other words, this is how most of your prospective clients will come to know, like, and trust you.

I receive over 40% of my website traffic from Google Search. Making sure you produce content consistently should be your number one marketing priority.

I have been producing content weekly for some time now. This Summer, however, I skipped a couple of weeks, not in a row and not on purpose. Can you guess what happened to my traffic? Yes, it suffered significantly.

I know from my 15 years of experience online with marketing before coaching and I’m here to tell you that writing and posting content does make a difference. Be consistent no matter how often you post content.

That could mean you post once a month, every second Tuesday of the month. It could mean you post once a week. Make sure your readers know when you post your content so they can find you on a regular basis.

Client Example About Producing Content:

I had a client who needed help with SEO. She had slipped from being number one on page one of Google’s search engine to being on the second and third pages of the listings.

She had attended a webinar course I taught with SCORE called “Scale by Outsourcing”. She reached out immediately afterward asking for help with her SEO. I explained that I was not an expert in this area but that I did know a few tricks.

As a boutique digital marketing agency (at that time) I kept up with SEO for my own business. Therefore, my first suggestion for her was to start doing SEO blogging. She hired my agency to help her with this and we began right away.

The Results:

Do you know what happened to her search engine results? By the second article, she was back in the number one spot on page one!

Tips for Producing Unique Content

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you produce unique content.

1 – Plan Your Unique Content

I think planning your unique content is the number one priority when trying to create unique content on a regular basis. Start by planning out at least one quarter in advance.

Plan what your blog will be, not only in the title but also plan an outline or bullet points for the article. This makes it so much easier when it comes time to actually sit down and write your article. And you will not sit and stare at a blank page.


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2 – Be Real When Producing Content

One of the best ways to produce unique content is to be yourself always! Being authentically you is one of the ways you will attract the right audience. Produce content unique for you, not what or how others are doing it.

Remember it’s alright to be vulnerable and allow others to see your flaws. This will often draw others in not push them away. You have heard me say before…

When You Allow Yourself To Be VULNERABLE And Really Share From That Authentic Place, It Gives Others Permission To Be Vulnerable As Well.


3 – Humanize Your Writing

It sounds obvious, but be human while being you. With all the discussions on AI (artificial intelligence), there is only one person who can be you and that is you.

As good as AI is they cannot replicate your voice or brand voice completely. The tone of humanizing your content and truly putting your words online cannot fully be copied, yet at least. So make sure you are speaking for yourself and not trying to write a term paper like in college with just facts. You must humanize your writing by giving your point of view and examples of the things you are writing about.

4 – Put Yourself Out There

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there – online. There are others who actually want to read what you write and hear what you think. If it seems right, morally, to speak about it and your audience (ideal audience) wants to hear about it, then write it.

Put yourself on the proverbial ledge at times so that you are seen and heard by your people.

This will help you stand out to others. You don’t have to stand out to everyone, just your ideal audience. It is possible that you may be the only one drawing attention to the subject you are writing about today.

Instead of trying to decipher the meaning of “good, unique content” and figure out what that means for your brand, the best content marketing strategy is one that is built around your specific audience. Focus on writing articles, creating guides, and designing graphics that will be genuinely interesting and useful to your potential customers, and you’ll be off to a great start.


5 – Use Your Own Voice

As we discussed being you, you must also use your own voice in creating unique content. It is not by repeating others’ opinions that you get seen, it’s only by being you and using your own voice and unique perspective that will draw attention. This will also be how you create unique content for your readers and followers.

You have a specific way of talking and a specific way of writing that draws others to read your blog. Stick with it and you will get better over time, just keep writing. It will reach those who need to hear your voice.

6 – Create to Create Authentically Not to Produce

When you sit down to create do not think about what everyone else is writing, saying, or even what is in the latest news. Create Authentic Content, don’t do it just to produce content.

Sit down and think about your ideal audience and what they need to hear. What knowledge do you bring to the table that could help them? And what is your unique view on it that may be the changing point for them to finally be able to build and grow their business?

Don’t create for yourself, or even others outside of your audience – create for your audience only.

7 – Write Solutions To Problems

Write about solutions to the problems that your ideal client is facing. Do not write to write. Only write if you can help the people following you. That is what your blog should be about today.

For example, I help online service providers grow their businesses. One big problem for them is consistently attracting clients. Therefore, I may write articles about how to attract clients. I write it not only to attract my audience to read the articles but to actually help them where they are (because I’ve been there too). I know and feel their pain and I really want to help.


Perhaps checking our genuine motives should be another one of my points here. You really should always check your motive in writing. Is it to produce content because you need to or is it truly to help and share with others in need of the knowledge you have?

I believe your writing should come from the knowledge you can share paired with your heart mission. This will always be authentic, unique, and consumable by your readers.”


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to let me know if I can help you with your business.

To Your Continued Success!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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