Overwhelmed With Social Media?

Written by Tammy Durden

As small business owners, we often have to be involved in every aspect of our business & it can truly be overwhelming at times. I am not sure about you, but I have become overwhelmed and exhausted with social media.

Key To Life And Business

I am trying to run a business, make a brand name and attract new clients. Everything we read tells us that the best and cheapest way to get your brand known is through social media platforms.  Brand awareness is very important for your business.

I have to ask myself, “is this the key to business?”

Today it is difficult to find a balance between work, life, and family, not to mention social media. Attempting to put priorities in place (even numerically) can often help. Deciding what is the most important, from the top on down will help you put your focus where it is needed.

We all become overwhelmed but stepping back and taking in the whole picture can help. Then prioritize.


Did you know that the majority of people use the internet for finding information (according to reports)? What is the best way to have your brand show up for information?  Blogging of course.  

If you didn’t know, I love to write and always have, it is by far one of my favorite work tasks. I could easily get lost in writing and do nothing else… Ahh– and here again lies the lesson, doesn’t it? Balance truly is the key, isn’t it?  

What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ in your business?  Mine, as I have said, is writing of all kinds although you will likely find me writing blogs more than any other kind of writing now.  What is the one thing that you could do all day long?  And, what is that one thing, you try to ignore like the plague?


Whether in social media, blogging, or other business tasks we have to balance it all. It seems the key to life, and truly enjoying life, is often found in balance.  Of course, I must have known this was true in business as well.  

Balance, however, is a tricky thing, especially in business.  If I put so much time and effort into just the social media aspects, am I missing other opportunities to attract clients and build an audience?  So it seems, once again, something Mother told us in our youth is true, it all comes back to that vital lesson – everything – in moderation!

Best Way To Show Up Online

We have so many tasks we can be involved in doing as business owners.  Let’s break it down to those that end up giving you the most bang for your time.  What is the best way to show up online?  Here are my top 3.

  1. Website – This is your online calling card. Your website should speak to your audience in their language (voice). Be conversational and speak to their pain points.
  2. Blogging – using SEO with great titles will help you show up in search engines. Offer tips and information that your audience is really searching for in the end.
  3. Social Media – we have given evidence that being on social platforms is important for your brand.  Did you know that is the second place most will search for your business online? You can make it easy on yourself by using a scheduler.  

One way to help you balance work and life regarding social media (as we all know we must use them) is to use a social media scheduler software program. There are tons of these to choose from so pick according to need and affordability. Make sure you look up current reviews.

“A Scheduler software helps you schedule your social media content on all platforms.  You set up your content and graphics and post it all. You can post it once a week, once a month, or in increments as long as you wish. It helps if you prepare  multiple graphics (or photos) and content at one time and make it repeatable on your calendar.”

Making Social Media Easier

Make your social media easier by using a scheduler. You have many options in the market today to use a social media scheduler.  If you want to compare you can check out this article, “18 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools” (keep in mind it is by one of the scheduler software so they may be biased).

   My Top 4 Schedulers:

How Do You Balance Life And Balance?

How about you, do you struggle to maintain balance in your business and life? I find setting priorities, using an online calendar, and a bullet journal has not only helped me with my productivity but also help me maintain a good balance.

We started this article by being overwhelmed with social media so I would be remiss if I did not give you a few ways to help.

Top Tips To Overcome Overwhelm With Social Media

  1. Set up a social media scheduler – see above for more on this.
  2. Take days off – I choose to stay off of social media almost every weekend (unless posting family pictures – I can’t help it that my grandkiddos are so darn cute – hehe)
  3. Hire a Social Media Manager – if your budget allows I highly recommend hiring someone else to manage this for you. If you need a good Social Media Manager contact me and I am happy to give you a few names.
  4. Set up priorities – it is important that we all remember our priorities. Posting a list of those on Post It to the monitor or wherever you work most to help you keep your priorities in focus can really help.’

Have Fun Too

Remember to have fun in life.  We all have things that can drag us down.  Reading social media posts of everyone else’s beautiful life can do this but keep in mind that most of these are simply not showing the whole picture. Nobody’s life is perfect.  Most of you know I am disabled and I often say,

“We are all disabled – some disabilities are easy to see than others.”


How do you maintain balance in work and life?  Do you struggle with becoming overwhelmed with social media also?  Share one tip about how you either balance life, work, or social media (or all three).

I would love to hear from you… please share your thoughts!

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