Overcoming Challenges

Written by Tammy Durden

We all have challenges we must overcome both in business and life. Recently I was interviewed by Chris Mitchell of Define Yourself. We discussed some of the challenges in my life and how I’ve learned to overcome in business and life while living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Lupus. Overcoming is not an easy process. It is a difficult journey that took me many years and one that I am still learning.

“We are all disabled in one way or another. Some disabilities are easier to see than others, but we all have them.”


Podcast: Define Yourself

I wanted to share it with you so you may listen to the podcast. [Listen below]

How To Overcome

Ready to overcome something in your business or life please reach out and get help. If you need help with marketing your business we would love to discuss it with you, via our contact form or call us directly at 804-723-5491.

Other Options

If you are struggling with other life challenges or need a Coach to help you through some business challenges (starting a business, scaling your business, or are stuck), please check out Fearless Boss Babes.

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