Omni-Channel Marketing (Infographic)

Written by Tammy Durden

We have another great Guest post (infographic) that explains why it is important in your marketing efforts, to also look at the whole picture. As many small businesses only look at a part of the marketing puzzle. These parts combined should have a focused effort in your marketing also called Omni-Channel Marketing.

So with that in mind, I wanted to share a quote that I love from our guest infographic:

“The key to omni-channel  marketing is that a consumer’s digital interactions with a company directly affect their experience with the company in person, and vice versa.”

Salesforce Infographic

Guest Post/Infographic is from Salesforce:

Any marketer worth their salary knows that it’s not enough to use just one platform in order to create a marketing campaign. You have to be on multiple social media platforms, a website, an email campaign, and maybe even some traditional snail mail thrown in for good measure. It can be a lot, and it can be a lot to coordinate.

The problem that happens with many marketing teams, however, is that they’re doing multichannel marketing, but that’s still creating some silos for them. Their campaigns have a structure that’s independent of each other. They have individual goals but the web isn’t tying them together at all. To do that, you have to reinvent your approach to marketing and go at it from something called omni-channel marketing.

In omni-channel marketing, all those different marketing efforts and channels work together. You put the tools in a whole package and the results are something that’s more holistic and gives you real-time analysis that enables you to put better marketing into practice. Ready to do that?

Infographic to Explain Omni-Channel Marketing

Thank you to Salesforce for reaching out to guest post with us. I hope it was of use to you as well.

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As always we appreciate your reading and special thanks to our Guest Writer for this Infographic. You can learn more about SalesForce by visiting their website.

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