Lessons I Learned As A Mompreneur

Written by Tammy Durden

As a young Mompreneur when I began 16 years ago I wished I had known the lessons I will share with you today. Often the things we think are important and urgent when younger we later find out they are not so important and urgent. So, let me share with you the lessons I learned as a Mompreneur.

I was a Mompreneur before “Mompreneur” was a term. I started at a little desk in the corner of my bedroom. I worked less than 10 hours each week and I was homeschooling three children – yes that’s right, homeschooling three! Needless to say, I was a busy Mom who was trying to help add to our family income.

As my business grew into a VA Agency and transitioned into a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency I also grew three amazing human beings. You may be in the midst of this now. The business of momhood and while trying to balance work. It is not easy so I’ll share some lessons that I learned along the way.

Hindsight is always better and I can certainly it is true with the lessons I learned as a Mompreneur. Let me share some of the lessons I learned as a Mompreneur.

  1. Children Will Not Stop Growing
  2. Interruptions Are Okay
  3. Client Urgencies
  4. Turn My Ringer Off
  5. Ability To Be Me
  6. Boundaries Are Important
  7. Family Time Is A Necessity
  8. My Team Was Indispensable

Children will not stop growing so spend as much time as possible with them. The business can keep growing but don’t spend so much trying to grow the business that you miss out on your growing children. You can create your six figures later.

Sometimes we get so focused on building our empire that we miss our children and the day-to-day growth. If you are a planner mark time in your calendar to play with them. If you are not a planner then remember to take time out daily to focus on them.

Don’t be horrified. Interruptions will happen and most people, even on a Zoom call, understand.

Example: A National news organization was interviewing a man from his home office (we were all working from home) when suddenly a child came into the room at the door behind him. Swiftly the mother ran in and grabbed the child and they quickly exited. This little two-second event made that video go viral!

Of course, the interview wasn’t the focus. Rather the mother’s quick moves made for a humorous meme and video that got shared worldwide. That father probably did not want that to be what people remembered but it did gain him notoriety.

The point is sometimes interruptions happen. Try to go with the flow and do not get upset. Take care of the interruption, apologize, and continue with what you are doing, even if it is a Zoom call.

Most client urgencies can wait because they are not usually real emergencies. Learn your clients well and you will know what is a true emergency and what is not. The other thing I suggest is to add in your contract that you have 24 or 48 hours to either respond or do the task needed. I also added in, “IF we are available to do the last minute task” and then I listed the extra charge (usually time and half of our normal rates). This lets your clients know your boundaries and what is expected of them as well.

Lesson four is that I learned to turn my ringer off or ignore it on my phone. This, more than anything else, helped boost my productivity. Having the freedom to ignore the phone, unless I was expecting a call gave me control over my day again. I was not a slave to the calls coming in.

Most incoming calls were either tire kickers or sales that I didn’t want to talk with anyway. Tire kickers are persons who need and want your services but cannot or are unwilling to pay your rates. Sales calls, of course, are part of running a business but most often are not anything I need.

It may have taken me years but I learned the ability to be me! I now try to be me, my authentic, real, self. My childhood was all about hiding the pink elephant in the middle of the room and never telling anyone about it. So you can understand why it’s taken me so long to do this.

I encourage you to be you. Do not try to be what you think others want you to be or the professional you think you should be. Simply, do you! You are allowed to be you. We get caught up, especially in our social media age, in comparing ourselves to others. This creates doubt and jealousy. If you do not have good discernment this can put you into an unproductive and negative mindset. Comparison never plays nicely nor does it help you move forward in your journey.

Set boundaries and keep them. Setting boundaries will give you freedom as a byproduct. If you set a boundary that you will not get on social media on the weekend, for example, then don’t get online. Spend the time with family or doing other things you enjoy. The more enjoyable activities you do it will help your creativity flow, which also helps you with your business.

Boundaries can be set for all kinds of things. You can set a boundary so that you do not take calls at dinnertime. You may have a specific time in the morning that is just for you and it is a time you spend doing something for yourself. My quiet time with the Lord is important and so I need boundaries set around it. To be honest I can tell you it isn’t easy and I’ve been failing at that lately.

When you break your boundaries you are breaking a promise to yourself and sometimes to others as well. Like my quiet time boundary not keeping it in the morning is only hurting me! If I keep this boundary and do not allow anything to interrupt this time or distract me then it empowers me for my day and gives me discernment for the future. Therefore it is an important goal and boundary that I must get better at keeping consistently.

Set your family time as a non-negotiable fact in your calendar. To grow healthy young adults you must pour so much of yourself and your time into them. Take the time to have family time and put aside all other cares during this time. You will not believe how quickly it goes by. I feel like it was yesterday when all three of mine were running around the house with their friends, yet today our home is silent most often now. You will have plenty of time to grow your business later. Take time now to nurture those little ones because the next generation will be here quicker than you realize.

Lastly, lesson eight learned is that my team was indispensable. They truly were my foundation. I’m sure I already knew this but it was reinforced in a terrible way. Several years ago I ended up in the hospital. After 24 hours I suddenly went into respiratory arrest! I whisked to the ICU, yes apparently someone pushes that big red button and sits on top of the gurney. When I awoke with my family all around me (yes, they called all of my children unsure of the future) in the ICU I could not do anything. I was not able to fully work for nearly a month! My team saved me quite literally. I would have lost the business had they not run everything, especially for the first couple of weeks.

If you do not have a team yet I greatly encourage you to begin the process. If you are uncertain how to do this I can help you with it. This is one of my specialties. A team that does most of the client work can save you not only time but gives you the ability to focus on other things with your business. The saying “work ON your business not IN it” is for good reason. To grow a thriving business you need to be able to let go and let your team do it.

Running a business and being a mom isn’t easy. If you set your priorities right and focus on what is important now then all else will fall into place for you. If you need help as a Mompreneur I’ve been there! Please set up a Mini-Coaching Session with me and see how I can help you.

Until Next Time, Here’s To Your Continued Success!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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