Its Not Easy Being a Slow Success Story

Written by Tammy Durden

Have you ever wondered why you were not an overnight success?  Don’t  wonder anymore, Overnight Successes are a very rare thing. This is why we hear about them so much online, in magazines and even papers today.  It really is Not the ‘norm’.  So when someone does become an ‘overnight success’ everyone wants to know how. Nobody ever asks, ‘how did you become a slow success story?’

“In many cases, what may seem an instant success out of nowhere is actually the result of years of hard work.” -Inc 

Are We Buying Into the Programs?

We buy into the notion that working hard, networking and if we continue at building our business – you too will be a success in a very short time. At least from the ‘world’s point of view.  ‘We even get fed programs that say they will help you be an ‘overnight success’.  So it is easy to see why so many buy into a program and plug in those marketing techniques to try to do it.

‘It isn’t easy being a slow success story, but it is worth it.’  -Tammy S Durden

I remember hearing a speaker say she was a ‘7 year success story!  I waled away feeling so relieved that day.  It was as if a freedom came over me and the pressure was off.  And THAT is when I finally began to see a little success. Not that I didn’t have clients before – I did, not that I had not had some other forms of ‘success’ – I did, however, for me that was not my definition of it.

‘Just because you do not think you’ve ‘made it’ yet, doesn’t mean are not gong to make it!  You may be the next 15 year success story everyone will be reading about next year.’ -Tammy S Durden

Defining Success

Success is defined differently for everyone.  If you stopped five random people and asked them to define ‘success’ – some would give you an answer related to money, others time and still others related to their business or job and even promotions.  I have been in business for over 9 years and this year is the one that I have really seen growth and ‘feel’ like I am successful.  Although, I did Believe I was successful before this.  Am I making a Million in revenue – no, not yet.  I am making a profit though AND able to employ a Team of amazing contractors to help our clients. The reason I felt successful even before this year, however, is because of my Mission!

Helping our clients is not my only mission – it is truly important to me – so is my other heart mission


My Definition


I am helping to empower other disabled professionals to work, as well as, Mom’s of disabled children.   You see, in case you did not already know this about me, I am running a business  –  in spite of my own disabilities (MS, Lupus & more).  This is why I consider our company a success already.

‘Yes, passion and a strong start are indispensable for getting into business, but it’s the long-term focus…’ Ciara Pressler of Huffington Post

Would I like to grow more? Of course, because the more I grow means the more disabled professionals and Mom’s of disabled children will be able to work and provide amazing services for our clients.

‘Success ultimately grows in our Hearts’ -Tammy S Durden

It’s not about making more money, or getting an executive position or even about the car we drive.  It is about the Confidence You have to continue to build your dream, regardless of what the P & L says today.

‘Success is about who you are and how you feel on the inside, not the outside’ Tammy S Durden

So, how do you answer…

  Are you A success yet?

How Do You Define Success?

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