Is 2024 Your Year – Planning for 2024

Written by Tammy Durden

The end of the year is always a good time to begin thinking about next year. What do you want to accomplish? What goals do you have moving into the New Year? Most of all, what impact do you want to make as you begin planning for 2024?

How can you make 2024 your year? Taking some simple steps to plan for next year can help set you up for success.

Here are some steps to help you plan in 2024 for your business.

You should take a step back and review your current year before moving on to planning next year. If you take a look back at 2023 answer a couple of questions that should help you as you plan for 2024.

Reflect over 2023 and ask yourself, what was your top win this year? Was the win regarding sales, revenue, or bringing on a new team member?

Remember to also consider or analyze why you believe you had this win. Was it due to a new strategy, new pricing changes, or something else?

Just as we have wins we often disappointments, losses, or mistakes that we make as well. If you think back over this year ask yourself, what is one disappointment you had this year?

If you consider this disappointment, do you know why you had it? Do you think it was a lack of strategy, a lack of help, a lack of knowledge or something else?

Yes, we also must look back over our revenue, including your P & L Statement. As you review your financials in your business answer the following questions.

  1. Did you make your revenue goals?
  2. Did you make the profit you wanted?

Then consider why that was. Whether you did or did not also think back on why you did or did not. It may be involved or it could be as simple as your pricing strategy was not correct. You may have even overspent and your expenses are showing it.

Try to take a deep look at this to determine why you made it or did not make your goals.

The next step is to begin setting your goals for 2024. We need to take a look back so that we can look forward. It was also important because you may need to adjust some things in the coming year.

Things to Change to Make for a Better 2024:

1. Change strategy

2. Hire a business coach for help

3. Change your pricing strategy

4. Increase or up your marketing plan

5. Keep stepping it up if it’s working

If you would like to go deeper into this, set up a Free Mini-Session with Me.

You will want to begin setting your 2024 financial goals by reviewing your notes on the review of your finances. This will also involve reviewing what worked and what did not work. Do you need one of the fixes mentioned in step five?

Lastly, you want to remember to plan for growth in 2024. This is another reason to analyze your year this year at the end of it. If you didn’t meet your goals you will want to look at possible reasons for this. If you did meet your goals then you may want to plan to step it up a bit to reach higher goals in 2024.

Planning for growth also involves marketing. How are you doing with your marketing strategies? Do you have goals for your social media, ads, SEO blogging, and more? Consider setting down and setting goals for all of these, then go further and do some content planning.

I’m here to help if you have questions.

Here is a Planning Worksheet for 2024 if it will help!

As we look forward to the New Year a custom practice in business the last several years has been to choose a word for the upcoming year. I encourage you to not only choose a word but also specific ways you will accomplish and exemplify that word throughout the year.

So, have you chosen your Word of the Year for 2024 yet? I also challenge you to pick a word and turn it into an acronym.

Here is mine: GROWTH

Types of Growth and ways I want to exemplify this word in 2024 include:

  1. Spiritual Growth – will help me personally but also empower me in my business.
  2. Growth in my business through offering quarterly enrollments in my Mastermind Group Coaching (ongoing) program and continued 1-on-1 Business Coaching Sessions for Clients.
  3. Revenue Growth through client attraction systems. Ways I have already implemented and will continue to turn up in 2024: SEO blogging, social media groups and social media FB professional profile posting, and email marketing sent out weekly.
  4. Growth in Expanding My Network – Making a point to reach out to others and meet new people to be able to help them connect to others (not simply as a client).
  5. Growth in My Client Systems – expanding my client systems to include more ways they can succeed and help them reach their goals.

My Acronym for GROWTH:

G – Going the extra mile to help clients and taking the business forward to the next level

R – Ready for a good 2024 – making sure good foundations are ready and in place

O – Opportunities can be everywhere – looking for them in out-of-the-box ways

W – Winning more clients in the New Year

T – Teaming up with others to have great collaboration partners

H – Health and taking care of my health is foundational to the health of the business

Watch for sign-ups for an upcoming workshop on planning for 2024 at the beginning of January!

To Your Continued Success!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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