Invitation Only Fearless Group Coaching Program

Welcome to Our Fearless Mastermind Group Coaching Program

Regular Subscription Fee:  $99/month

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Special Founding Member Deal:  $59/month*

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Invitation Only Fearless Business Mastermind Group Coaching Program Details

  • This is a High Level Mastermind Group of Your Colleagues & Peers + Tammy
  • You will have the ability to ask questions about your business within the mastermind group
  • Ability to ask for input from within the mastermind group
  • Weekly Live 60 – 90 Minute Group Sessions
  • We create and achieve goals together
  • You decide on your monthly goals
  • Be accountable to the group
  • Achieve more than ever
  • Each business owner will have opportunity to highlight their business
  • Ask questions 
  • Seek Help from Tammy & your other group members
  • Some months will include learning sessions on various tech or topics.
  • Each Member is encouraged to reach out to other members if feel they would be a good fit for a strategic partnership.
  • Interaction and engagement with other like-minded entrepreneurs is encouraged within the Facebook group
  • The group will use surveys at times to help guide topics that you want help with in the group.
  • You will continue to have access to your client portal and the resources within it.  These are always being added to, refined, and redone to help you with your business.
  • You will receive first notifications of any new  programs or courses Tammy offers.
  • You will also receive special pricing on courses and programs offered.

Once Your Payment has processed you will receive an invitation, within 24 hours, to join the Mastermind Group. If you have any questions please email:

By subscribing you are agreeing to pay this fee each month.  You can unsubscribe through PayPal at any time if you choose to leave the mastermind group. 

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