Increase Your Service-Based Business’ Online Presence

Written by Tammy Durden

10 Ways To Increase Your Service-Based Business’ Online Presence

It is always a challenge, as a service-based business, to get views and more awareness online. I’ve been in business for over 14 years and the industry has changed many times over the years. So, I wanted to share some ways to get your service-based business more online presence.

Ways to Increase

I think there are a number of ways to do this and have a wider reach for your audience to find you.

“Before you even begin to think about posting on social media you need to decide who your market is and who you want to have see your posts in the first place.”

-Blue Dot Digital Marketing

Your Online Presence Begins With Your Audience

  1. Clear Messaging – make sure your message is very clear and directed to the right target audience.
  2. Niche Targeted Audience – have your audience pinpointed enough that your message makes sense and resonates with them.
  3. Niche Service Offer – be sure you have nailed down your particular niche service offering as well. This is very important so that your audience understands WHAT you offer that will solve their problem.

Your Service-Based Business’ Website & Social Media

Business - Marketing Coach Tammy of Fearless Business Boss

“The truth is that social media is no longer optional for your business, it is a necessity.”

-Tammy with Fearless Business Boss

  1. Set Up Business Social Profiles – make sure you not only have a personal profile on social media platforms but also set up a business page on the primary platforms you use. Limit this to the 1 or 2 you are really active on so that you can catch any engagement quickly.
  2. Share Your Website Pages Regularly – Many people forget to share different parts of their website with their audience. Sharing these on social media reminds others of exactly what you offer and keeps it utmost in their minds. I would not share it daily, but once a week or every other week would work well.
  3. Update Your Website Regularly – even if it is changing out a photo or adding/taking away a phrase or words to tighten it up, Google likes active sites. In fact, they reward the active sites showing up higher in search answers.

Consistency & Optimization To Increase Your Presence

Before you can start building your email list, you need to set up the foundations for your email marketing. 

-Tiel Virtual Solutions
  1. SEO Blogging – make sure you are blogging regularly!!! I cannot stress this enough as this also helps with search engines. As I said above Google likes updated and active sites. The SEO part is simply using keywords or phrases that would be what your target audience would use to find service providers like yourself.
  2. Keep All Online Platforms Optimized – wherever you have an online presence make sure to keep it optimized. What I mean by optimized is simply keeping your profile/business page current on the platform with the most updated information and keywords or keyword phrases in your descriptions and posts.
  3. Post Regularly – posting regularly is key if you would like to attract more followers and engagement. Your audience wants to know you are consistent. Whether that is on social media, your blog, email marketing, or other platforms.
  4. Email Marketing – will help you in many ways. Remember this is a warm audience as these should be people who either signed up for your free offer, free newsletter, or perhaps a webinar or conference where you spoke. Therefore they had some interest in what you are offering. Do not neglect this audience. In fact, this is where you should offer more tips, rewards, or savings because they entrusted you with their email address so please give them a little more.

“All of these Techniques need to be combined to have an effective approach to ranking at the top of Google or other search engines.”

-Tammy Durden

Focus For Your Service-Based Business

Business & Marketing Coach, Tammy of Fearless Business Boss

Above I shared the most important ways to increase your online presence for your service-based business. Many of you will probably say, “I don’t have time or money to pay someone to do ALL of these so what should I focus on most?” Of the ones I shared it is my opinion that consistency, SEO blogging (which also updates your website), and email marketing are most important. These are where I have had the most success both for my own business and my clients’ businesses when I owned the digital marketing agency.


It is important to combine efforts in order to increase your service-based business’ online presence. If, however, you are limited by time and/or money focusing on a few will help you get a little more visibility. These are (1) being consistent, (2) writing SEO blogs, and (3) doing email marketing.

I hope you found value in what you read today. If you did, please share this article with your audience. We often return the favor.

Please share some of the ways you have found to increase your online presence.

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