How to Succeed in Business

Written by Tammy Durden

How to Succeed

In Business

In all of life most of us want to succeed, whether in relationships or business.  There are so many ‘How To’ books out today, so I will make it very easy.  If I am asked How to Succeed In Business, my best answer would not be a series of steps or go through this to get to this hoop.  My answer would be very simple…keep learning!

Learning to Succeed

What does learning have to do with success in business?  There are many types of business owners.  Some are very shy, some are proud, while others are just barely hanging on.  In my experience, the one’s that think they ‘know it all’ are the those who are most hard headed and the most difficult to reach with new information, tools and skills.  Yet, they will also be the one’s who cannot adjust to technology or even the latest software that they need.

How to Succeed in Business - TOS

No Hard Heads Here

Success comes to those who are willing to learn!  Those who learn from their mistakes and who are willing to acknowledge their own limitations.  As well as those who actually spend time trying to learn new skills and technologies.

Some of the people I look up to most are those who are most vulnerable in sharing their faults and mistakes.  It makes them ‘approachable’ and feels as if I can relate to them. Not only that, but also, helps me to realize that if they have made it, even in the midst of mistakes and faults, not having to be perfect, then maybe, just maybe I can too.

VAC University Open Enrollment

One the best places I have found to add to my skill sets, Certification and technologies, as a Virtual Professional, is VA Classroom University.*  I have trained with them for many years, but last year they introduced something revolutionary to the Virtual Assistant e-Learning Industry.  They became more of a University, offering access to ALL of their Certifications, Courses and Workshops for a relatively small fee. Like a University, it only has open enrollment 3 times a year.  So, when I say there is a ‘Limited Time’ left, I truly mean it is Limited Time for their offer.

Not Just for Virtual Assistants

Although VA Classroom began as an e-Learning training center for Virtual Assistants and has become well known for it. In fact VA Classroom University is now the #1 VA Training Center.  It  is not, however, just for Virtual Assistants any more.

Virtual Professionals today need to be trained in more skills and technologies than ever before.  

Courses in eCommerce, Social Media Posting, Content Curation & Creation, Website Design, Technology, Email Marketing and so much more are so important to succeed as a Virtual Expert.  This is no longer just for Virtual Assistants, but highly trained Virtual Professionals.

You may begin VA Classroom University as a Virtual Assistant, however, you will walk away as a Virtual Expert!  The skills you will gain will provide more value to your clients and to your own business, that you will not even second guess the pricing.  Virtual Professionals who want to:  (1)up their skills, allowing them to possibly charge more, (2)need basic skills to begin somewhere, or (3)who are changing niche directions will find such value in their courses.

VA Classroom University Open Enrollment - TOS

Success Starts Today

If you want to succeed in business – You Must Start TODAY!  Do not wait, but begin by investing in yourself before the business and others.  It will payoff in more ways than you can count.  Today is the day to begin your growth and learning.  What is holding you back?  Or Are you Ready to Jump In and Learn?

Truly succeeding in any business means to continuing keep learning. So what are you doing today to up your skills, change direction, or simply starting – to be successful tomorrow?

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*For Full Disclosure – I am Affiliate for VA Classroom University.  I do not, however, represent nor promote any products or services that I, myself do not use or believe in.  When I recommend VA Classroom University I do it with my whole heart, clear conscious and because I know the hearts of my friends Craig & Kelly Cannings and their desire to help others.

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