How To Build Your Brand Through Guest Opportunities

Written by Tammy Durden

It is kind of funny, you know, how we run the maze, like little rats sometimes. Trying to get to a place we are unsure of but know is there – somewhere! That proverbial somewhere for business owners is – success. A simple word that carries so much meaning with it. We try and try so many ways but one simple way I want to share with you today is the guest opportunities you may be overlooking.

As we continue to discuss marketing this month we could not do it without speaking about guest opportunities.

Guest opportunities can give you great exposure to their audience and new clients. As well as give them the opportunity to get in front of your audience also. It is mutually beneficial in most cases. The rare case it would not be beneficial is if you have not built up an audience at all yet. In those cases, you still may find someone who either takes pity on you or truly wants to be kind and help out another business owner.

What Is A Guest Opportunity?

A guest opportunityis an opportunity to appear on someone else’s platform such as appearing on their podcast or a guest blog and share your wisdom with their audience. This in turn helps you and your brand build awareness and trust as well as develop you as an authority in your industry.

What Are Some Guest Opportunities

There are so many different types of guest opportunities. Places and businesses that are looking for someone just like YOU to share your knowledge and helpful tips.

Types of Guest Opportunities:

  1. Awards
  2. Blogs
  3. Conferences| Conventions| Summits
  4. News Articles
  5. Online Magazines
  6. Podcast
  7. Press Release in Local Newspaper
  8. Radio
  9. Video Interviewers
  10. Webinar

These are 10 of the best type of guest appearances to help your brand awareness and brand trust. It also begins to establish you as a leader in your community and industry.

How To Get The Opportunity

Did you see one that really resonated with you? Maybe there was one that really stood out for you and that feels a little more comfortable for you. Let’s face it, we are never fully comfortable eeking out of our comfort zone, are we?

The first thing you should do when trying to connect with someone online is to follow them online. Connect with their brand. Watch their videos, podcasts, webinars, or whatever platform it is that you want to be on and need their help and/or permission. Begin to comment and engage with them on their platform.


#1 – To be sure it is the right audience for you and your brand.

#2 – Because you want to become familiar with them and their brand and their brand voice.

#3 – Because showing real interest by commenting and engaging may help them (or their brand) remember you when you email and ask for a guest opportunity.

How To Obtain Guest Opportunities

How can you obtain guest opportunities on a platform you really desire to appear? I will share the best ways I’ve learned (when not invited) to take to obtain a guest opportunity.


  1. EMAILEmail the person or even respond to one of their emails if you are on their email list. This will show them that you are a fan and that you are paying attention to their brand.
    • Introduce yourself and who you are and what you do (very short and quick in the email). Do not drag on for 2-3 paragraphs giving an entire biography. For example, “Hello _____, I am Tammy of Fearless Business Boss and I’m a business and marketing coach. I love your ____________ (name podcast or platform as they call it) and hoped I could be a guest in the near future to give tips about _________________ (your specialty or specific topic that you want to bring to their audience).
  2. REACH – Another Audience. Go on to tell them you can help them reach more people by giving the numbers in your audience.
    • For example, you may something like, ___________(their name) I currently have ___ (number) of followers on Social Media (combine numbers or list each one if they are known social media), and ______ (number) on my email lists.
  3. WEBSITELastly, leave them with your website address or landing page that shows other appearances or perhaps a speaker page. Also, include a link to your calendar so they can schedule when it is convenient for them.
    • I might say, “I would love the opportunity to meet with you for a short chat if you like, here is my calendar (link to the calendar) so you can schedule a time that is good for you. If you would like to review my website/speaker page (highlight the speaker page and insert my link:
  4. FOLLOW UP – Then give it a couple of weeks and if you do not get a response do a follow-up email reminding them about your email request.

What Is The Benefit To Me and My Brand?

There are a number of ways these awards, appearances, and articles can help you and your brand.


  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Builds Brand Trust
  3. Help You Become Recognized
  4. Help You Become Recognized with/as Your Brand
  5. Can Open Up Other Invitations to More Appearances
  6. Exposes You and Your Brand to an Entirely New Audience
  7. Helps You Build Your Online Authority
  8. Listening To You Can Help Others Like You & What You Do
  9. Gives Your Website (Your Brand) Backlinks – do not underestimate this one
  10. Exhibits Your Knowledge On A Topic

I could probably go on and on. Let’s just say that it is very good – all around – for you and your brand!

The more you are able to backlink to authority resource pages by appearing, writing guest blogs, etc., the more authority you build into your brand and website.

Try the steps I’ve listed and let me know if you have success building backlinks, brand authority, and brand trust.

Try getting out there more. Make yourself known to new audiences and help promote yourself and your brand. Let me know if you have any questions about this or other digital marketing this month.

How Can I Help You?

If you need help developing a strategy for your digital marketing, business scaling, or other business plans please reach out so I can help you.

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