How To Connect With Your Audience

Written by Tammy Durden

We are all trying to connect better with our audience. Once you learn who your ideal client prospect the next thing to consider is where are they hanging out online. After that, you should learn how to reach them. Connecting with your audience involves many aspects I’d like to discuss. So, let’s dig into how to connect with your audience.

Connecting with those who follow you and fall into your prospective client range (or ideal audience) is not always easy but can be done. Let’s go over some ways to do this.

This is first and foremost important. Your followers will be able to tell if you are not yourself. Be genuine when you share about yourself and your knowledge. Don’t try to be something you are not.

Today’s online world does not want the two different worlds of you – personal and professional separately. Now is the time to add your personal life to your professional life and join them together. In other words, create your personal brand and share it with your ideal prospective clients.

The ability to give of yourself and your knowledge helps endear you with your audience. Giving comes from the heart as well as the mind. This can mean connecting on an emotional level. Studies have proven that marketing that connects and pulls on emotions gives much better results.

This involves the ability to be vulnerable is not easy but is a great way to draw in more connections online. Sharing your mistakes and lessons learned can help others overcome. Vulnerability shared enables others to be vulnerable too. Sharing knowledge alone is no longer the way to attract an audience. It may be the way to keep your audience however to attract more you need to be able to share knowledge with vulnerability. Others want to see your human side with your professional knowledge.

Creating videos and reels is another awesome way to reach a new audience. By incorporating one and two above into your videos you will attract those who can resonate with you and who also seek the knowledge you share.

Videos can be in the form of long YouTube knowledge sharing. It could also be a video podcast appearance you were on. Another way to have videos is by doing webinars and workshops. These will add to your credibility and prove your expertise and authority on the topics you share.

Here we go again – consistency, right? Yes, consistency is key. Producing content, repurposing content consistently, and sharing it in a way that will attract your ideal prospective clients is key.

You cannot put a meme once or twice a week unless you are already an Influencer. You must post daily on socials (some need more than once a day). You need to produce content, then once you have hundreds or thousands of blogs, podcasts, or videos then you can repurpose some of your content.

I suggest mixing your repurposed content with some currently produced content. If you are too busy to do this then I highly suggest hiring a virtual assistant or social media manager to help you.

Lastly, you need to be available to those following you. To attract and keep an audience you must interact with them. Answer questions, comment on things they post or are interested in, and draw more into your core audience. You can even do a live Q & A weekly to help others who coming up behind you excel.

Your imagination is the only limit, so it’s limitless. Try thinking of out-of-the-box ways to attract your ideal prospective audience – you may surprise yourself. And by making yourself available you are already ahead of many competitors. Be kind and be there for others and they will not forget it.

Until Next Time, continue doing good and making a difference out there!

To Your Continued Success, My Friends!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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