How To Become A Mompreneur

Written by Tammy Durden

What is a mompreneur and how can you become one? That is the question I am addressing today in my article. I’m going to share 8 steps to becoming a Mompreneur.

What is a Mompreneur is the first question. I love defining terms not only in my terms but also in the formal sense. Whether from an online dictionary or expert business source I like to start with a definition.

mompreneur noun  US informal – a mother who has started her own business”

cambride dictionary

Another definition, from a leading business site is:

A Mompreneur is a superhero who owns and runs a business while raising a child(ren). They wear too many hats to count. You may catch them running from activity to activity with children in tow.

It puts me in mind of that old Enjoli perfume commercial that sang, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man… because I’m a woman” (enjoy below). Although, today I’m not sure we could air this same commercial but it is fun to remember.

And although I define the Mompreneur as a superhero they do not usually define themselves this way. They tend to think this is just what they do. I certainly didn’t consider myself anything but ‘trying to make it’ as a Mompreneur homeschooling my three children. To be fair they were older (middle and high school age) and somewhat self-sufficient but still liked to interrupt. Now I miss it, the interruptions and noise.

You may wonder why I insist on defining these terms. I enjoy starting here because it establishes the meaning of the term we as I move forward in the article. The other reason is that it allows you to understand the terminology as we discuss this topic.

I have 8 steps to help you become a Mompreneur. Now, let’s look at these simple steps to get you started.

  1. Decide on the Kind of Business
  2. What Type of Business
  3. Register Your Business
  4. Know Your Audience
  5. Branding & Messaging
  6. Build Your Website
  7. Start SEO Blogging
  8. Start Your Business Banking
  9. Get Insurance
  10. Marketing

Don’t worry I won’t leave you here. I’m going to give you information on each one of the steps.

I am referring to the kind of business you want to start. Will it be an online business or brick-and-mortar? Most commonly Mompreneurs work from providing online services or affiliate marketing. I suggest doing online services if you have experience.

A part of deciding on the kind of business also means deciding on your niche. Let’s say you will provide online services then you will need to choose a type of service also called a niche area.

The type of business is what you want to be referred to for tax purposes as well as state and government use. You can choose from being a DBA, Solopreneur, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), Partnership, S-Corp, and more. I recommend to my clients to become an LLC as it protects you personally and puts everything under the business*. If you are the only person in an LLC it can also be referred to as a solopreneur.

[*Please consult your CPA and/or Lawyer on the tax opportunities available and the best options as I am neither and do not claim to be one.]

After you determine these things register your business with your state. After you legally register with your state, go to obtain an EIN# (Employer Identification Number). This is given by the federal government as an identification number for your business. You will need it for many things as you move forward.

The next step is to figure out your ideal audience. This means who your ideal client or customer is and where they hang out. It is important because knowing this you will not be able to reach them with your message and services (or products).

You can set up a buyer persona form or use a storyboard that I redesigned. Download it and go through each block to create and understand your audience better. It will also help you with copy or wording for your messaging.

Fearless Storyboard

Next, you will need to think about your branding and messaging. Branding is your logo, company colors, and tagline. Messaging is what it says, the message you are trying to portray to your audience.

If you are not experienced in these areas it can be helpful to hire someone or a company to help you with both of these areas. They are highly specialized.

Now that you know and understand your brand and messaging you can build your website. There are many great website builders Elementor and other page plugins on WordPress. There are also easy-to-build websites on platforms like Wix and SquareSpace. WordPress is a hearty one that most companies use, however, I also recommend another all-in-one platform for new freelancing Mompreneurs called FullScopeFreelancer*.

FullScopeFreelancer offers more than a website as you can integrate your social media and schedule posts. You can also use it for your client (or customer) relationship management also called CRM. It can be used for your email marketing campaigns, calendar, workflow, and more. I suggest you try it out and if you use my affiliate link* below you will receive a full 30 days trial period, not the usual 14 days.

fullscopefreelancer platform

The first thing I encourage my clients to do related to digital marketing to help them rank on search engines is to begin SEO Blogging. SEO Blogging involves choosing keywords that you can rank for in the future.

You find this out by utilizing tools such as SEM Rush and Neil Patel’s many tools as well as Google Ad Words and more. I suggest using a plugin called Yoast SEO on your WordPress website or something similar on the platform you are using. By using the tools and blogging in this manner you can rank for your keywords once you’ve built up content (blogs) on your website.

I could never rank for the term, business coach, but I could be able to start to show up for the term business coach for women or business growth coach. It will not be overnight.

When marketing your Mompreneur business remember it takes time, consistency, and resilience to continue to do it week after week. Before you know it you will be showing up on search engines. Google wants to see that you have an active website and then they need to know what your website is all about.

After you set up your business foundation and register your company then you can open your business banking account. This can only be done once you have obtained your EIN# in the United States (if you live elsewhere please refer to their specific regulations). There is a reason and an order for the steps.

You will also want to obtain business insurance for your Mompreneur company. Most common is business liability however I feel that E & O Insurance is more important for the online service provider. Please check with your local insurance agent for the most affordable insurance. You can also check on as I’ve had great success with them.

Our next item to discuss is marketing. Once you have created your branding and messaging then it’s time to put it to good use. Marketing is key but only useful once you know your ideal client (audience), your brand, and your messaging. Then you can begin to develop a marketing plan for your Mompreneur business.

Once you are off to a good start you will have your Mompreneur clients knocking on your doors before you know it. You may even need to build your virtual team to help with client work. If you are stuck or in a difficult place unsure of what direction to go, or are ready to start your Mompreneur journey fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch,

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

[*affiliate link means I will be rewarded if you purchase from this company, however, I only share products/services I have used and believe in.]

Please note – Steps 1 – 3 and Steps 8 & 9 are related to U.S.-based businesses. Please set your business up according to the rules governed by your Province and/or Country.

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