How To Be Featured Online

Written by Tammy Durden

One of the best ways to be seen online is to be featured online in a magazine, podcast, as a quote in an article, and other ways. It can help your business’s marketing, establish you as an authority, and can build your audience. Let’s discuss how to be featured online.

There are many ways to be found online and even increase your online presence. They can include a variety of platforms such as online magazines, podcasts, directories, videos, and more. They are always looking for great guests to appear, do interviews, as well as, have experts on to share nuggets of truth with their audience.

Where To Begin

It is not an overnight process to get featured on these platforms. In fact, it takes time, a little creativity, and ingenuity but you can do it.

Some of the best places and platforms to be featured include:

  • Directory Platforms
  • Online Magazines
  • Podcasts
  • Videos (on other’s websites)
  • Websites via Guest Blogs

My Example

I thought it might be best to share my own example with you. Recently, an online directory platform asked me to answer a question for an article on a specific topic. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this previously a number of years ago as well. This is a well-trusted directory and blog. Not all quotes or answers appear in the article when you do answer. I was fortunate to have my included.

The topic posed to those responding was “Best Interview Questions For Finding Talent”.

My Answer on this topic:


If you want to become featured it is easier than you think. It does, however, take perseverance, research, networking, and creativity.

  1. Research – This is the first thing you should do. Two important things to find out when you research are (1)the brand’s reputation and (2)its audience. You want a brand that has established itself with a good name. You probably will not be on the next big show however, you want to know if they are reputable. You also need to check that some of their audience overlaps with yours. Lastly, find the contact information and the best person to reach out to for an appearance or interview.
  2. Build Relationships – One of the best ways to help you become featured on various platforms, apps, and websites is to connect with others and build relationships online and in person. It’s all about relationships. These relationships will either ask you to appear or possibly introduce to you others who may benefit from your expertise.

3. Reach Out Directly – Another way to get featured on a platform you like is to reach out to that platform’s administrator or owner. Share your expertise and how you can benefit their audience or listeners.

4. Directory Listings – This can be a huge benefit to your brand in most cases. UpCity is a great example. It is free to list your business. They have upgraded options as well, of course. The thing I love about UpCity is that they truly utilize SEO in helping their listings rank higher and they give you opportunities like the one I had above to be a featured quote. Do your research and decide which directories are best for your brand.

Many directories have a cost involved while others allow a general listing for free. In her article, Gariele introduces “10 Directories for Women-Owned Businesses” which she found noteworthy. Directories also give you a backlink so chose wisely.


Part of the need to show up more online is to help establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Another part of this need is to help build your audience and attract more to your website. How does this work in a practical sense?

#1 Authority – the more you’re quoted and linked, the more others will read and see your name. These acts begin to establish you as a thought leader and expert in your industry. Why? It is because your audience is seeing your name more and reading your quotes as well as seeing your website more often. You (or your brand) become more recognizable each time your audience reads and sees your name, quote, and/or website on another platform.

#2 Build Your Audience – as you read above from the practical ways ‘authority’ is established, the same holds true for building your audience and attracting more visitors to your website. It seems almost obvious however to be sure I spell it out in the article I will tell you why it helps you build your audience. When you are quoted, linked, or your website is shared by others you automatically build your audience. Others see your appearance, whether in an online magazine, video, podcast, or another online platform, and this drives some of them to your website.

These are two of the biggest reasons to be featured online. There are a number of other reasons, but these were the two that most often affect us with our audiences.

Ways To Use Your Featured Appearance

To utilize the feature or appearance in the most effective way do not be shy about it. In order for it to be most beneficial to you do not just sit on it. You will want to show it off.

There are a number of ways to use your featured appearance. Some of the ways I have utilized my featured appearances are:

  • In Your Blog – doing an article, as I have done here, or mentioning the quote, guest blog, guest appearance, etc. will help connect with your audience even more.
  • In Your Newsletter – share with your newsletter/email list as this will be helpful to drive more traffic to the website where you appeared and will build your authority.
  • Social Media – Share the event or appearance with your social media channels. This will build your authority and increase trust with the audience. If viewed as an authority, then they also trust you.
  • Your Website – you may want to add a section, after having a few appearances, to your website. Add this to your ‘About’ or ‘Meet’ page. Some put it on their ‘Home’ page so visitors see it immediately when they arrive. I would only add those website links that are more reputable or have greater authority. Create a ‘Featured In’, or ‘Appeared In’ section with links to the article, podcasts, etc.


There are a number of ways to become featured on various online platforms today. It can be an important part of your marketing plan if you chose to utilize this avenue. Take it one step at a time and before you know it you will have multiple links to add to your website featuring your appearances. This will add trust and help establish you or your brand as an authority in your industry.

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