How to Attract Loyal Customers to Your Small Business

Written by Chelsea Lamb

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[Guest Blog by Chelsea Lamb]

Customers are the lifeblood of your small business. To be a success, you need to tell the story about your products or services to attract clients and then keep them engaged and happy. Here are a few ideas to help you to convert your audience into loyal customers.

Build a Digital Presence

In today’s marketplace, a digital presence is necessary to compete, especially if you are marketing to millennials and Generation Z. Google research indicates that 50% of business search queries are first made on smartphones. That means your company needs a responsive website that is built to look just as good on a tablet or smartphone as it does on a desktop computer. This site is your primary way to tell customers about your business and the products and services you offer. It needs to reflect your brand and be written in a tone that appeals to your target customers.

You also need a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms can help you grow your small business by telling the story of your company, building awareness of your brand, forming relationships with your followers and communicating about sales offered by your business.

Publish Interesting Content

Once you have your website and social media vehicles in place, you can start the process of engaging with your customers by consistently offering them content that is of interest to them. The best way to do this is to create a persona of your target customer and then think through the needs and desires of this type of customer. Focus your blogs and social media posts with information that directly addresses those needs. This leads your followers to read your posts and share them with their friends and followers, which gives you new customers.

Take Action on Feedback

Once you are active on social media, it is crucial that you regularly check for any feedback shared by your customers. Thanking a follower for a great review or referral makes that person feel valued and offers your company social proof that you offer excellent products or services.

It is very important that you respond to any negative feedback quickly and publicly. Take a moment and try and listen to what the customer is saying and respond in a genuine and helpful manner. Tell them you want to remedy the situation and offer them a way to contact the appropriate person privately to address their concerns.

Delegate Tasks

To have more time to engage with your customers, outsource some of the tasks needed to run your business. You can hire a content writer to write and produce articles and blog posts for your website and delegate the management of your company’s digital presence to a freelance social media manager.

Of course, we live in a technological world, and that means delegation can take on other forms. Look to apps to lighten your day-to-day tasks. Front, for instance, can help you keep on top of your communications, and ClickUp is designed to help you stay organized. 


You can also think in terms of other types of timesavers. Ease time spent on tax and legal paperwork for your company by setting it up as a limited liability company. Each state has its own LLC requirements, so check online to find out all the steps needed to file the paperwork in your area. You could hire a lawyer to handle the whole process for you or use one of the formation services found on the internet. ZenBusiness, for example, allows you to set up an LLC in the space of just a couple of hours and for under 50 bucks.

Implementing these ideas will help you attract loyal customers to your business. Your website and social media outlets will create opportunities for you to interact with your clients and keep them happy and excited about your company.

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