How Do You Add Value For Your Clients

Written by Tammy Durden

To Grow Your Business

It is always important to add value to your client services. If you want loyalty from clients and referrals this is a must. So how do you add value for your clients and grow your business?

Ways to Add Value

I’m going to share a number of ways to add value for your online service business clients. It is not difficult to do and simply takes a little more work on your part but the rewards far outweigh the costs.

5 Ways To Add Value

Find at least one that you may be able to implement right away.

  1. Additional Service Offerings – add services that will help your clients so they do not have to go anywhere else.
  2. Bonus Add-Ons – try adding on a free bonus with your services. Whether you offer a virtual assistant or social media manager there are things you can add to the package to give your clients that will not cost you too much time.
  3. Going Above and Beyond – going above and beyond will always keep clients happy and develop loyalty.
  4. Small Acts of Kindness – sending and doing small acts for your clients will also build trust along with loyalty. Sending a small note of thanks or a small trinket to welcome them when onboarding. Simple inexpensive things will make big impacts.
  5. Provide a Complimentary Service Add-On – try providing a complimentary service add-on for your client. Let’s say you do social media so why not add on one month of free engagement? If that is too time-consuming, maybe you add one extra platform you post to for them, as an example.

Why Add Value

You may be asking ‘why should I try to do this?’ or ‘why is it important?’ – Good question! There are many reasons to add value for your clients. One of the biggest reasons is to increase loyalty.

Reasons include:

  • Build Client Trust – by adding value you are building more trust and the more they trust you the more loyal they will be, and on and on.
  • Increase Brand LOYALTY – by adding value and giving more than normal you will build your brand’s loyalty.
  • Just Because YOU SHOULD – you should always want to give your clients the best value.
  • To Obtain Client REFERRALS – helps clients want to refer you to others
  • For Great REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS – by adding value you will have clients who will give you great reviews because you have added more to the value of your work
  • To Grow Your Business – all of these things, loyalty, referrals, and reviews, will all lead you to more clients. Which in turn will grow your business!

I hope you see the benefits of adding value for your clients. It really does pay off as you gain so much by adding in as much value as possible. You will have grateful and happy clients.

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Thanks for stopping by again. You are the Best and I truly appreciate you.

May You Have Continued Success!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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