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1 on 1 Business Coaching

With Targeted Steps to Move Forward and Grow Your Business

  • I Take You Through Proven Methods and Strategies.
  • I Guide You As You Analyze Your Stats and Review Your Revenue So We Can Determine the Steps Needed
  • I Walk Alongside You (virtual hand-holding included)
  • I Help Move You Into Gaining Clarity
  • I Give You The Steps To Take To Grow Your Business!

Tammy Is The Business Growth Coach for You!

A New Journey Begins - Tammy Durden Business Growth Coach

Don't Let Your Business Growth (and Revenue) Flatline

I’ve seen businesses do this so many times.  I had to face it in my own business.  Your business is humming along and growing (& your really excited).  You think continuing what you are doing will keep it growing but guess what?  It does not.  You have to take action, even when you are in a growth mode (especially in growth)

You have to take action and move forward or your revenue and your business will FLATLINE!  It will stop growing because your too busy to see what is happening IN the business while you work ON your business.  I’ve even seen some businesses begin to decline because they didn’t take action to continue moving forward.  Please do not wait and do not end up flatlining.  (If you are there already, let me help you take action to get you out of that downward spiral today!)

Maybe you are in a growth mode and it looks like it is raining gold up from here on up. The word is out about your services and people want you. That is awesome because that means some of your work is already done for you. It does not guarantee, however, that you will continue to grow.

No matter where you are today we help you prepare your business for tomorrow.

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An Experienced Coach

Do You Wish Someone Would Just Reach Out and Grab Your Hand to Guide You Step-by-Step ?


Tammy Will Take Step-by-Step

Virtual Hand holding help to start or scale your business

Yes! Virtual Hand Holding Is Included

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A Genuine and Authentic Coach

If You Are Ready For Intuitive, Practical, Expertise...

Like Connecting with an old friend, Tammy is genuine, real, and practical in her coaching.

Then Tammy Is The Coach For You!

"Tammy’s vast knowledge, expertise in running her own digital marketing agency, and her heart of gold makes her an amazing business coach."



Best Business Consultants in NYC


Best Marketing Consultants in Washington, DC 2023

Received UpCity's Best of Winner for the Consulting/Coaching in the State!!!

Best of Virginia - 2022 - Tammy Durden

Tammy has been given UpCity’s impartial award for being the Best Consulting (Coach) in 2022

Best of Virginia - Consulting - Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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Who Needs A Business Growth Coach?


      • You Are Ready to SCALE Your Business Through Outsourcing
      • You Do Not Want To Flatline (or want to move out of that space)
      • You Want to Build An Online Agency
      • You Are Ready to Add a Team
      • You Need Subcontractors to Help with Your Clients
      • You Have Too Many Clients & Need Help
      • You Cannot Accept Any New Clients (you do not have the bandwidth)
      • You Are Ready To Grow Through Proven Strategies
      • You Want To Grow By Attracting More Clients
      • You Want To Grow By Attracting Higher Paying Clients
      • You Want To Grow By Changing Your Strategy
      • You Want To Grow By Transitioning Your Business
      • You Are Ready To Grow By Changing Your Pricing Strategy
      • You Need Accountability to Be Able to Grow


Creating An Online Service Agency Or Business Growth?

Determining HOW you want to grow is an important step prior to growing further. You should decide if you want to manage a team or do you want to continue to be a solopreneur?  This will determine what steps you take next.  

If you are ready to GROW and do not want to bring on a virtual team to your online business, than you are on the right page. 

If, however, you want to build an agency please click the button below for more help:

Business Growth

1 on 1 Coaching Program

  • Help With Direction for Moving Forward
  • Guidance to Help You Grow Your Business with Proven Methods & Strategies
  • Discern If You Are Ready to Grow
  • Meet 1 on 1 with Your Business Coach
  • Each Session is 55 Minute
  • Meet 2 Times Per Month with Your Business Coach
  • After Sessions You Will Receive Action Steps to Take Next
  • After Sessions Receive Session Recordings (if requested at beginning of Session)
  • Mindset to Help Move You Forward
  • Reviewing Expectations
  • Get Unstuck
  • Goal Setting
  • Setting Up Yearly Goals for Continued Growth
  • Analyze Your Current Demands
  • Determine Your Bandwidth
  • Decide Which Way Your Will Grow
  • What Is Your Productivity & Productivity Tools
  • And More
  • Manage Your Growth 
  • Step by Step
    • Walking With You Through Each Step
  • Determine Revenue & Revenue Goals
    • Set Up Mini-Goals
  • Manage Client Relations Through Growth
  • Review Your Analyze on Your Business
  • Niche Areas Able to Grow
  • Best Practices If Pivoting Direction
  • Learn to Manage Your Team Better (if applicable)
  • Learn to Work ON Your Business Not IN It
  • And Much More
  • Access to Client Portal

Receive Tons of…

    • Information
    • Tools
    • Templates
    • Worksheets
    • And Other Resources
  • Responsive Email Support 

To Help You Grow Your Business

  • For A Limited Time – You Receive One Month FREE In Tammy’s Weekly Fearless Mastermind Group Business Coaching Program


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Tammy Loves Helping Service Providers

My Coaching Programs are Not a "Do It Yourself" - I Help You with Each Step

I coach you 1-on-1 and guide you step by step. You and your business are unique.  Shouldn’t the Coach and coaching program you choose also be unique and customized if needed?  That is why getting the 1-on-1 business coaching you deserve is so important.  Set up a mini-session with Tammy today to see if you are good fit.

My Coaching Programs are 1-on-1 Business Coaching and are Custom Designed with You in Mind

Growing A Business Takes Strategy, Planning, & Time

scale & grow your business and other benefits of hiring a business coach

Our Business Growth Coaching Uses Analysis, Revenue Evaluations, and Proven Strategies to Empower You to Grow Your Business

Never At A Loss For Ideas To Make Clients Successful!
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"Tammy Is Never At A Loss For Ideas And Ways To Make Her Client's Successful. The monthly strategy sessions I had with Tammy brought tremendous clarity to my ongoing goals as an Executive Coach. She brought a fresh perspective, ideas, and solutions that helped me see things from a strategic view."
My Business Has Grown!
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Since working with Fearless Business Boss my business has grown quite a bit. I was feeling stuck and not sure what to do to take my business to the next level. This was just the motivation, encouragement, and accountability I needed.

You KNOW It Is Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level