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Group Coaching Opportunity with Tammy S. Durden

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Special Fearless Mastermind Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
    • Interaction & Engagement with Other Like-Minded Service Providers
  • LIVE Sessions with Tammy EVERY Friday at 11:00 AM, Eastern
  • High Level Mastermind Discussions
  • Learning Opportunities Throughout The Year
    • Examples may be learning marketing concepts, how to grow your revenue, how to use a software program, and more
  • Monthly Goal Setting
  • Quarterly Challenges
  • New Client Opportunities are given to my clients and group clients as I am made aware
  • Ability to Form Strategic and Referral Partnerships
  • Help with Problem-Solving
  • Personal and Business Discussions as needed (everything impacts your business)
  • Feedback on Requested Parts of Your Business Including Marketing, Social Media, Growth, and Scaling (& more)
  • Special Savings on Future Opportunities
  • Q & A Opportunities
  • And Much More

Regular Investment = $99/Month

Limited Time Only Save $59 On Your Monthly Subscription

Special Mastermind Group Coaching Investment = $59/Month

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