Dreams Come True

Written by Tammy Durden

Dreams Come True

I am pretty open with you, my audience, usually relaying highs and lows in building my business. I may not have shared everything, but certainly share a lot. Today I am sharing one of my many dreams.  I love writing and not just writing, but writing about important topics.  Topics for business and especially that will help others.  So I am excited to share another one of my dreams that have come true, the newly released eBook I just published called: “Practical Branding for Small Business” [update: no longer available]

Not a quick project

This was a big project and was not a quick do project. We have talked a lot about it in the last several months, so you know how important it is and how much I enjoy helping others with it.  You also know how important it is to have something of VALUE to be able to share with others so they will either want more, see your expertise or even consider you an ‘Influencer’ in the field.  Mind you, I am not an ‘influencer’, not yet, but I dream big.

Even writing this book is another dream come true.  I had written a small book years ago with my friend, it was a walking devotional book. It combined the exercise aspect, she was a nurse and the spiritual side of life.  We also did a short prayer journal.  Self-publishing is not necessarily new to me, but when I did it, we could not publish all online, we actually had to do it in print. The options we have available today are amazing! We can even sell them on Amazon if we format it the way they need it.

This branding ebook is not for Amazon or others to purchase, it is simply for other micro and small business owners who need a little help with figuring out the ‘how to’ in branding their small business.  This is my mission of late, to help other business owners with their message, brand, or even pictures, at times.

My question to you is what was the last dream that came true for you?  I would love it if you shared it in the comments section.  If you feel that you have not seen any come true yet or not in a long time, let us know that as well. The reason for this is that often when we say them out loud, or write them down, it is the first step to them becoming real.

Thank you for reading and share the link!  May All Of Your Dreams Come True!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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