Does Size Matter – When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

Written by Tammy Durden

Boutique Digital Marketing Agencies versus Larger Agencies

Depending on your specific need, it is good to compare these factors before deciding which size you will need.  Both types have their pros and cons, but a couple of determining factors can be both the type & size of your company.

Taking a closer look at hiring a smaller digital marketing agency when looking for right marketing company fit is important.  So, let’s dive in to a few of the benefits of the boutique digital marketing agency first.

Boutique Digital Marketing

“However, in recent years, a new form of agency has appeared — the boutique digital agency. These small and digital-savvy agencies focus purely on online marketing. Typically, they’re results-focused and quick to act. They understand user behavior in ways that traditional agencies haven’t yet been able to figure out.”

According to Keven Hayes as written in Forbes

A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency May Be the Right Fit For You & Your Company If You…

  • Want Experienced Persons Who Will be Razor Focused on Your Online Marketing, such as Social Media, Email Marketing & Blogging
  • Need More Custom Services not Canned
  • Would Like a More Personal Approach & Attention (Boutique Companies have Fewer Clients & Can Offer more personal services)  
  • Need Flexibility offered by a smaller company
  • Need Online Marketing but Have No Idea How
  • Want ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking & Strategies
  • Have a Smaller Budget
  • Like to Have More of a Niche Focus
  • and many other benefits

What About A Larger Marketing Company

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“More attention — Big agencies have dozens and sometimes even hundreds of clients. This often forces them to provide the bare minimum for each client. A small agency, on the other hand, might only work with five to ten clients. “

-According to Boris Mustapic on Medium

Larger Marketing Agency

Large Marketing Agencies have their benefits also, of course.  The larger companies are better geared to handle large and enterprise-size corporations’ digital marketing. 

How do you know if this is the best fit for your company?  You will possibly be better served by this type of agency if you prefer…

  • A More Traditional Marketing Approach
  • Do Not Need a Customized, Flexible Online Marketing Strategy
  • To Spend Larger Amounts on Advertising
  • To Advertise on Traditional Channels on Television, Radio, News Print & similar 
  • Or Do Not Mind Working with Less Experience in the Online Market Arena
  • An Agency with More Resources
  • And Need Research Groups for Your Product or Services
  • Or Do Not Mind a Company that Serves the Multitude rather than Focused on the Individual Client at a Time
  • An Agency that will ‘Plug You In’ to their Systems, Rather than a Unique Approach geared just for Your Company
  • and many other advantages

Whatever the size of the digital marketing agency you choose for your company, be sure it is a good fit.  You should feel confident that they have your best interest at heart, not their bottom line.

What choice will you make for your company?

I would love to hear what you decided.

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Thank you for reading & here’s to Your Continued Success…

Tammy S. Durden - Tammysoffices

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