Do You Need A Professional Brand Photoshoot

Written by Tammy Durden

Have you done a professional photoshoot for your business? Perhaps you have done headshot photos, but have you done a full brand photoshoot? What is the difference between a professional headshot & a professional brand photoshoot? A professional headshot involves having a photographer do a few quick photos of you, usually from your shoulders up (may or may not involve a change of clothing). Whereas with a full brand photoshoot the photographer takes numerous photos of you in different positions/places (see the photo of me below, in red, with my forearm crutch), as well as, taking photos that represent your brand (see the mug photo below) & hopefully brand colors (when possible). Are you still wondering, do you need a professional brand photoshoot?”

Tammy Durden - business coach and disability awareness
Here is an example of me with my forearm crutch on the phone (I love helping other disABLED persons create & grow their businesses!)

I know I asked myself this often and reasoned it away for a long time, years in fact. Thinking that my profile headshot was enough. Yet, every year I always looked into different photographers’ pricing for brand photoshoots.

I would see other beautiful brands and new photos and wish I could do the same. I know I thought it was only for the big brands or those who were influencers. I’m here to tell you that your small online (virtual) business needs a brand photoshoot as well. And it can do so much for your business. The uptick I received from simply sharing a sneak peek was amazing!

Tammy Durden Business Coach
Selfie from iPhone

It is important to keep your photos updated as you and your brand change over time. And although you can take selfies (one of mine below) from your phone nothing compares to the professional photographer’s touch.

Investing in these photos will often give you a return on investment (ROI) within 6 months or less? 

Why Do You Need Photos – Even Profile Photos

I’m going to let you in on one of my secret pet peeves on social media – getting a friend request or someone trying to join my group (Savvy Business Owners Unite on Facebook) without a profile photo. [Hint – I do not accept either one.] There are a number of reasons why profile photos are so important. One is simply so that people see YOU – the real person behind the profile. So, if nothing else, please add a photo to your profile even if not professional yet. I believe, however, that after you read this you will want a professional photoshoot.

Now that you know why you need professional profile photos, let’s dig in further and discuss why you need professional brand photos.

7 Reasons You Need Professional Brand Photos:

Professional Brand Photos Will Also Provide You With New Headshots
  1. Professional brand photos make the first impression about you to your prospective clients.
  2. They are the first impression of your brand.
  3. Gives others a glimpse into your personality (if done well).
  4. Provides brand awareness.
  5. Are more authentic than using stock photos.
  6. Shows a professional quality photograph, not iPhone selfies, giving your audience a better impression.
  7. You can use them in ALL of your content.

“High-quality images stand out from the crowd and make your business unique and professional, which can be the difference between someone clicking your Ad on Google, engaging with your social media or enquiring through your website. It can lift the quality of a business more than you know, which means higher quality services and higher quality customers; and who doesn’t want that?”

Pepper Productions

But, I Cannot Afford A Photoshoot

Knowing these benefits (& more) of doing your brand photoshoot I know the last argument you will make against getting one done. I know because I said this for many years myself, “I cannot afford a photoshoot!”, is what I always said after I contacted multiple photographers each year! Yes, it can be expensive, but there are ways to minimize costs as well. Before we digest the ways to minimize costs please understand that doing a profile photo should be done (at a minimum) as soon as possible but brand photos are very different from a headshot profile photo. Many photographers host headshot parties that are not very expensive. It is still important to do brand photography as well.

How To Minimize Your Photoshoot Costs

You can be creative and do trade-offs to provide services with a photographer. They may need business services or consulting. I was fortunate because my good friend does it on the side as a ministry – using her gifts. She only asks that in return you make a donation to a charity.

Try to minimize the hours, and photos taken and purchased. By doing this you can:

  • Take Less of the Photographer’s Time (less billing time)
  • Make Fewer Wardrobe Changes
  • Use Fewer Props

What Should You Spend Money On To Have A Great Photoshoot?

I hired a hair and makeup artist. Skye Gary of Slayed By Skye (left – she applying my makeup) was amazing. She immediately put me at ease. Skye did a beautiful natural look yet also pushed me a little out of my comfort zone (like false eyelashes)! In the end, my photoshoot was very economical and I’ll be able to use my photographs on social media, on my website, and in my blogs. Basically all over my content for a long time. This is money well spent.

In the long run, you should be able to recap this expense in a short period of time (hopefully within 6 months or less). My ROI was less than 3 months’ time! I received more than 2 times my investment back just in this short amount of time and expect to my ROI soar.

“Research carried out earlier this year by Marketing Week, Creative Review and Shutterstock found that nearly all marketers and creatives (94%) consider the importance of visual marketing assets as either significant or paramount, with nearly two thirds using the latter description. As a result, more than half are planning to increase their spend on images and videos during the current year.”

-According to MarketingWeek

Therefore do not let money keep you from making this important investment in your business.

brand photography - Fearless Business Boss coaching

My photographer not only did photos of me but she also took photos that represented my brand and my brand colors. Even a simple brand mug turns into a great brand photo! She took this simple mug with my logo on it and made it a beautiful piece of shareable content (I provided the crown stick and purple boa to help with brand color).

Keep in mind that a full photoshoot like this is a lot of work and takes a ton of preparation.

How Should You Prepare For Your Brand Photoshoot?

One of my emoji photos
  1. Find or purchase props you want to use. It is like setting a scene in a play. I gathered so many things to carry with me (I thought my husband might ask for a separation after all he helped carry – haha). I took a potted flower, laptop, balloons, my bullet journal, pens, business cards, boas (the purple one is with the mug – hehe), emoji sticks to hold up, a number of blazers, shirts, and a dress (if I wanted to change), and yes, even emojis – just switching out blazers can make a big difference, a fan, and more. Bring items that are important to you. For example, it was important to me to have a photo with my forearm crutch to show that I am disabled and represent myself authentically (as well as the fact that I help other disabled persons).
  2. Hire a Hair and Makeup artist if your photograph does not include it (many include them now). This is money well spent. Be sure to shop around and also look at their Instagram and see their style.
  3. Try to reserve a proper space of some kind (since many of us work from home we do not have a clear ‘office’ space). We managed to use the local library (so cost nothing) and had many places to ‘pose’ so it looked like different scenes. Keep in mind, however, that some libraries have specific restrictions.
  4. Plan your time – set aside 2 to 3 hours. The first hour will most likely be for hair and makeup. The other 2 will be spent posing in different places, changing, cooling off, rehydrating, etc.
  5. Have FUN with it! Let yourself go and allow your personality to shine through so others can really see who is the person behind the brand!

Prepare well and you could have tons of brand photos to share for the next few years.

How About You – Have you had professional photos taken?

By the way, the last one I had prior to this one (which was mostly headshot) was over 7 years ago. Yikes – do not wait that long in between.

When was your last professional photo for your business?

Thank you for reading my friends! Please comment and let us know if our article helped you and your business. Tell us if you booked your photoshoot!

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