Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Business

Written by Tammy Durden

If you are just beginning to use social media for business, I congratulate you. This alone can help your business growth significantly.  If you, like myself, have been doing this for some time maybe you will also learn a new trick or two to help your business as well.  That is why I wanted to share a few Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Business.

Let’s Talk Basics:

#1 Rule – Show Up – Be sure to have posts and interact with others.

#2 Rule – Consistency – This cannot be stressed enough. 

#3 Rule – Check Your Inbox on Your Social Media Platforms, whether Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (direct messages) and Instagram messages. These are easily missed for those not used to it.

Implementing the Basics:

Now that you have created your business page, let’s unpack a few things.  One being – do not use your personal page to promote your business.  On occasion with a special event or something you think your friends and family would really be interested in, then maybe share it.  The next step is to post on a regular basis (rule #1 & #2) both curated content and created content.

What’s this you ask? 

Curated Content = Content you share on your business page from other sources, such articles, online blogs or videos (not competitors, of course) that will appeal to your ideal client or customer. 

Created Content = Original Content created for your business to share with your audience or prospective clients (those you are trying to attract). This can include videos, blogs or articles, quotes and other graphics that has information that will help your audience.

Lastly, this seems like an easy step, but you would be surprised at how many do not do this – respond to others.  Be sure to respond to any messages, replies, comments or shares from others left on your business page.  These all factor into how you show up in your audience’s feed.  

Did You Know?

If you have been doing this for some time now and know the basics, then let me share a thing or two more that I hope will help you as well.  After sharing a post (no matter if curated or created) and someone likes it on Facebook, be sure to click on the ‘likes’ (the names that show under the like button).  This will bring up a pop up window which has each name listed out.  The really important part here is to see if they are already have ‘Liked’ your page.  The pop up will reveal next to their name if they have ‘Liked’ or if you can ‘Invite’ them to ‘Like’ your page.  This is especially effective after running a good ad on Facebook. If you had thousands of likes, just add them slowly or FB will think you are bot and put you on hold for a couple of days (learned this the hard way – oops!).

To Share or Not to Share:

Another great way to share created content is to share some of your reviews and testimonials.  So many do not do this, but it can have a really positive impact on brand awareness also.  I actually work up a post and create a graphic with it and then share it, similar to a quote post. Remember you have to be your own cheerleader at times – if you do not share the good others say, who will?  It is ok to do this and it helps to reinforce your brand authority in the audience’s eyes, even if they do not comment or like.  

One Final Tip:

Many are on social platforms sharing all kinds of information all day long, however, many are not interacting.  If you take the time to comment, share and like other businesses posts you will be surprised at how many will reciprocate.  It is a human response to feel obligated to pay someone back who has showed you kindness (not to say that anyone should do this just to get something in return).  Show actual interest in other’s posts and many (not all) will do the same for you.  In fact social platforms are so overrun with businesses on auto pilot that they will be thrilled to have someone take the time and interest in what they are sharing.

These are some quick tips about Digital Marketing related to Social Media Management.  Love for you share some of your’s as well in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and sharing our articles, we always appreciate it so much!  Remember, I will probably share your’s as well [hint-hint].  Have a wonderful day!

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