Creating Videos for Your Marketing

Written by Tammy Durden

I think by now you recognize how important marketing is for your business growth. Marketing is essential. It is also important to market your business continuously, both in quiet ways, but also right in front of everyone. Marketing does not mean salesy. One of the ways to do this is by creating how-to videos as part of your marketing plan.

I get it and I get all kinds of sighs and moans from my clients also. Let me address your questions and resignations to doing videos. I’ve tried to address most of the questions I get from clients about creating videos.

Why Do I Need To Create Videos?

Why should we create videos for our marketing? Of course, marketing is a big way to attract clients, but some other reasons you should be creating videos are below.

  1. Grows Your Audience – helps you reach new prospective clients who will begin to follow you online.
  2. Builds Brand Awareness – helps you establish your brand and get your brand to be more recognizable for your target audience.
  3. Creates More Personalized Brand – in today’s culture it is important to be more personal and create stories that resonate with others. By creating videos you can incorporate yourself, a little about your life, and more about your business.
  4. Engages Your Audience in a New Way – by showing up ‘real’ and authentic you can even appear vulnerable. This will help others to be vulnerable and real with you.
  5. It helps You Share Your Expertise – without being salesy. Video helps you share tips with your target audience and become a ‘thought leader’ or expert in their eyes.
  6. Videos Can Increase Conversions – by a whopping 80% on your Landing Pages and 4.8% on your website versus 2.9% without videos (according to the same Fiverr blog below)
  7. Increases Your Organic Traffic – from search engines like Google by 157%! This alone is a huge reason to do videos – don’t miss this marketing opportunity.

“Video content drives an incredible 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages – meaning that it makes people more likely to find your work in the first place.”


I Don’t Know What Content To Put On Videos?

When we sit down to do videos we are frequently unsure of what we should say or talk about. That sudden alarm rings in us telling us we don’t know what we are doing. So, what type of content is best to put on video? Some of the best videos include stories and tips. How-to tips are great and should attract your ideal audience if it is about the problem you are solving for them.

I tend to pick up the camera and shoot for a few minutes and then plug it in and post it. It is wise, however, to have a plan for your videos. Just as you should have a general content plan, you should for videos as well. The best videos will coincide with your content or give those extra tips that may not be in your blog or other content.

Take your video idea and then at a minimum outline it before you begin. The best method, however, is to script out exactly what you want to say. After scripting your video content you can use a teleprompter software (see below for some of them) to show you the script as you record.

  • 1. Speakflow – starting at $10/month
  • 2. Teleprompter Mirror – offers free software download, although a bit clunky
  • 3. Promptr – offers their free online software but is also a bit clunky
  • 4. PlayPlay – free and enterprise options (but no prices given, free seems to stay free)

Product Spotlight

FYI: I do not receive anything for sharing any of these products. I had to share and point out this great product.

I also found this clever gem of a product that allows you to use your own screen and simply place this over it with the camera at eye level and you can read your text behind it.

plexicam product photo for creating videos and your marketing by fearless business boss

What Kind Of Tech Do I Need?

If I’m truly honest, you can start with your phone or laptop. I still use both. The focus of this article is not really about the ‘How-Tos’ and technology to use, but rather about videos and your marketing. And yet another question or objection I receive is something like, “I don’t know anything about the technology needed to make good videos.”

I will share a few things though regarding tech. I think it is important to have 3 good things when creating your videos. Good lighting, a decent microphone, and a camera that shows clarity. This is what I have found to work for me:

  1. Light – I found a desk light (this one is similar but not exact) that can convert to a light source for me. Then my husband got another light (as a bonus) that sits on top of my monitor (which I can point in my direction because it sits above me). If you look at the Plexicam above you can also purchase this with a light and camera!
  2. Microphone – currently I simply use the one on my laptop. I will confess to you, however, that I purchased a Blue brand mic a number of years ago and still have not used it. I still hold out hope that I will someday soon (Lol). Who knows maybe I’m Podcaster waiting to happen.
  3. Camera – I have a Samsung laptop that is only 2 years old. Usually, I would rave about them and their tech products. I always thought their televisions and monitors had the best and brightest colors. I will no longer purchase from them in the future (you read about that in a past blog). Having said that, the camera on my laptop is excellent. I did purchase a camera (way back in 2018 & apparently not good to link to any longer, sorry – see photo below) but had a terrible time with sitting on my screen and after only a few uses I put it away.

I suggest doing your research into all the products you want to purchase to compare the pricing and reviews

Where Should I Post My Videos

The best way to share individual videos for your business, at this moment, is YouTube (YT). YouTube is very SEO-friendly and remains searchable forever. That does not mean that is the only place to put it.

I suggest that most videos live or be hosted on YT and then shared from there. The occasional exception is a landing page-specific video, a live event on Facebook, or similar events. Aside from these, you should get your best results by hosting them on YouTube.

How Long Do They Have To Be?

We live in a world where attention span has decreased dramatically. We have videos, written content, and graphics thrown at us all day long. My suggestion is to produce short, under 3-minute, quick tip videos. These are much easier for your audience to digest, get to know, and begin following you.

There is something to be said for longer videos also, however, these are usually interviews or educational (meaning that it is more intensive about a subject). To start out I think it best to produce many short videos and put them out in front of your ideal audience.


I understand that you may not yet be comfortable on camera, so I have another option for you while you adjust. Try putting together a short how-to video with PowerPoint, PresenterMedia*, or software.

Add your photo in and do the voice of the message. In some videos, you can get away with simply adding sound (music) if the message is very clear but I prefer your voice so your audience can at least hear your voice. Also if using any music be sure you have the right to use it. Then turn the PPT into a video as you export it. Again, keep it short and put it out there. This is only until you gain a little more confidence.

Thanks for reading. I hope this will encourage you to get the camera ready and begin making those videos. Let me know how it goes.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

*PresenterMedia has tons of PowerPoint and Keynote Templates, along with graphics, videos to use, and much more at one really low annual fee. To get $10 off your first subscription use code: raf-vuruvila (note: I never share any affiliates or other products for a promotion that I, myself, do not use and believe in)

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